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Welcome Centre

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The HWDSB Welcome Centre welcomes hundreds of new students every year, whether they are new to Canada or new to the Ontario public school system. It supports students and families with their transition to Hamilton, Ontario, as students begin their new school experience at HWDSB.

The Welcome Centre’s Admissions Office and assessment staff work together to provide services that make starting school a smooth process. The Welcome Centre also supports adult students with initial assessments as they resume their studies towards achieving their Ontario High School Diploma.


Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Holiday & Summer Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


HWDSB Welcome Centre (located in the Hill Park Learning Centre)
465 East 16th Street, 2nd floor
Hamilton, Ontario
L9A 4K6
Phone: 905-521-2554
Fax: 905-521-2550
Welcome Centre Map

Welcome Centre Services:

Admissions for International and Exchange Students

The Admissions Office oversees the admission of all International and Exchange students by:

  • Helping aid a smooth registration process for students.
  • Reviewing documentation for VISA and Exchange students.
  • Reviewing documentation for school-aged children of parents who are in Canada on a work permit or have applied for permanent residence in Canada.
  • Providing letters of acceptance to VISA student applicants.
  • Find out more about Admissions.
  • Find out more about the International Student Program.

Adult Student Credit Assessments

Credit assessments are available to students aged 18 years and older or who will be 18 years old by the end of the calendar year. These students are eligible for a variety of programs including:

  • Mature Student Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Process (PLAR).
  • Community and Continuing Education programs.
  • Find out more about the Adult Student Credit Assessment.

English as a Second Language Assessments for Newcomers

  • This service is required for all students entering grades 1 to 12 who meet specific criteria.
  • The assessment identifies appropriate levels of language and literacy of the student.
  • A report is sent to the school that recommends program adaptations, instructional interventions and strategies.
  • Find out more about English as a Second Language Assessments.

Prior Learning Equivalent Credits

Students transferring to HWDSB from secondary schools outside of Ontario may be eligible for Prior Learning Equivalent Credits. These students must be transferring from:

  • Outside of Ontario including other Countries
  • Non-inspected private schools
  • Home-schooling environments
Updated on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.
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