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HWDSB recently completed an Employment Equity Audit (Employment Systems Review) to examine human resource policies and practices related to hiring, advancement, and inclusion of employees from diverse backgrounds. The audit was completed by Tana Turner from Turner Consulting. The recommendations will support the board to revise policies and practices, set priorities, and develop resources to continue building a more diverse, inclusive, welcoming, equitable, and supportive learning and working environment for everyone.  The Employment Equity Audit and its findings are a key part of the HWDSB Equity Action Plan.  

Employment Equity Audit   

The Employment Equity Audit Final Report provided by Turner Consulting identified various issues and gaps for HWDSB in four key priority areas that will inform the work ahead (within our Equity Action Plan):  

  • Priority 1: Diversify the workforce at all levels.   
  • Priority 2: Create a more inclusive and respectful work environment.   
  • Priority 3: Create more equitable policies and practices.   
  • Priority 4: Strengthen the organization’s equity infrastructure.  

Employment Equity Action Plan  

Based on the recommendation from the Equity Audit and the staff census conducted in 2018, Human Resource Services developed an Employment Equity Action Plan. The plan takes the 70 recommendations and identifies the department or division responsible for the implementation and a timeline for implementation. To support this work, the board has created this Focus Recruitment Strategy.   

The Focus Recruitment Strategy will support HWDSB’s Employment Equity Plan which aligns with the Equity Secretariat, Ontario’s Education Equity Action Plan and PPM 165 goals. As it is evident in the staff census, Indigenous (2.1%), Black (1.5%) and racialized (9%) staff are underrepresented compared to the labor market availability. Ongoing research suggests strongly that student achievement increase the more they see themselves reflected in the classroom, in the curriculum and in positions of power. This indicates that there is an urgent need to create Target Recruitment Strategy to hire Indigenous, Black, and Racialized educators.

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Updated on Thursday, March 23, 2023.
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