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Educational Partners

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What is an Educational Partner?

Educational partnerships are programs and/or services led by external agencies in HWDSB schools during the school day. These partnerships support student achievement and well-being.

Criteria for being an HWDSB educational partner include:

  • Operates during the school day (instructional and non-instructional time)
  • Provides equal access opportunities for students
  • Aligns with HWDSB Strategic Directions
  • Does not duplicate the work of HWDSB staff
  • Sufficient resources to deliver the program/service
  • Must have a Criminal Records Check


5 Steps to Partnership with HWDSB

Step 1: Application
Those wishing to offer educational programs or services to HWDSB students complete an application form that gathers information on the description, goals, needs and benefits of the potential partnership. Application form.

Step 2 - Approach
Next, we check in with the applicant to learn more about the application. We want to maintain an open and positive line of communication, which is the basis of a supportive relationship with HWDSB.

Step 3: Alliance
Next, we form an alliance with a group that shares our vision. We map out any documentation necessary (e.g. Partnership Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, etc.).

Step 4: Approval
Based on information gathered, the HWDSB contact for the application and the appropriate Board superintendent may approve the partnership. This step requires a simple online “check mark” at the bottom of the application. A confirmed partnership appears in our partnership database.

Step 5: Action
When the application is approved, we have work to do! Necessary documentation will be created, and the relationship will then move to the school level. School teams will be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the partnership and relationship.


Contact our Community Engagement team at [email protected]

Updated on Monday, March 25, 2019.
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