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Please explore unique property status listings below, for holding properties and land severances at HWDSB.

The following properties have been identified as holding properties in the Board’s Property Strategy:

  • Sir Isaac Brock
  • Sir John A. MacDonald
  • Hill Park Learning Centre
  • Ancaster High School

These holding properties are held in the Board’s inventory. There is no intention to declare these properties surplus or move forward through Ont. Reg. 444/98 – Disposition of Surplus Real Property.

A land severance divides a parcel of land into two or more new lots or as a lot addition to an abutting property.

Upon an application to the City of Hamilton to sever any lands, the ownership of the property remains with HWDSB.

Current Land Severance Applications

Ancaster Property Severance

In 1967, Ancaster High School acquired 21 additional acres of land that extended the original size of the property to 42.97 acres; the school was first built in 1958. For generations, this green space has been available and highly valued by the community.Photo of Ancaster High Land Severance

Students, staff, families and the community have enjoyed this land for recreational, sport and leisure activities. This section of property is a well-loved and treasured feature in the Ancaster community.

Recently, the Board reviewed the property and decided to make an application to the City of Hamilton to sever the land into two additional parcels. The Board of Trustees is taking the necessary time to proceed and work with various partners to maintain the property in the best interest of the community.

The ownership of the property remains with the school Board throughout the severance process. There are no plans in this severance application process to sell the property. Trustees are committed to finding a solution with its preferred partners and to move forward when the timing is right.

The City of Hamilton is an integral partner with HWDSB. The Board has worked well with the City through difficult issues and recent examples show positive results for the community. In addition, the Board is committed to strengthen these relations and will continue these discussions.

Trustees are open to developing outside-of-the-box solutions such as the recent offer to the City of Hamilton to stretch property acquisition payments over multiple years. The best interest of the community is in mind and there will be a positive outcome.

Continued Investments in Ancaster Schools

Learning environments for students include school buildings and properties that are well-maintained, safe, caring and inclusive. It’s important that school life promotes a culture of well-being and is reflective of a healthy environment – both inside and outside.

The infrastructure related to Ancaster schools is aging and requires much-needed attention and revitalization. More than $35 million has been directed to supporting school renewal in the Ancaster community. Capital improvement approvals to date include:

  • New Capital Builds:
    • Tiffany Hills – $12,144,912
    • CH Bray – $10,707,075
    • Ancaster Senior Addition – $3,702,489
  • Renewal specific to Ancaster High:
    • Roof  Replacement- $1,100,000 + $970,000 Asbestos abatement and interior retrofit
    • Science Labs etc. – $4,307,358
    • Roof Repairs – $100,000
    • Washrooms – $50,000
    • LED gym lights – $50,000
    • Transformer – $500,000
    • Boiler Replacement – $175,000
    • Painting – $25,000
    • Manufacturing Room – $400,000
  • Future Scheduled Work:
    • Elevator and window replacement – $4,250,000
    • Parking lot paving – $1,000,000
    • Dust collector – $250,000
    • Artificial Turf Field – $2,000,000
  • Benchmark Work:
    • Frank Panabaker – $170,000
    • Ancaster Meadow – $115,000

Trustees are committed to supporting further renewal investment in the Ancaster community to meet the needs of its students.

Additional Facts

  • Trustees approved a motion on June 18, 2018
  • The current property is 42.97 acres of which the Board will retain approximately 25 acres
  • The severance application will indicate two additional parcels of land
  • The land was acquired in two parts, approximately 21 acres each first in 1957 ($39,127.50) and in 1967 ($54,550)
  • HWDSB paid a total of $93,677.50 for the property
  • The Board has not declared any portion of this property as surplus. Should the board ever declare the property surplus, Regulation 444/98 provides direction to offer the property to a list of preferred agencies in phase one.

Who to Contact

Feedback is encouraged. For more information and to share your comments, please contact Alex Johnstone, Ward Trustee representing Ancaster High School, by email at [email protected]
or phone 905.515.7082.

Updated on Tuesday, October 04, 2022.
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