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Intervention and Support Programs

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Some programs will be of interest to few students at a limited number of school sites. These programs require specialized facilities, equipment or funding. We offer interested students transportation to these programs if they live out of the school catchment. Specialized Tier 3 programs (including SHSMs) open to students beyond the school catchment based on their geographical location. Each specialized program will have a program boundary beyond the school boundary.

We have three categories of Specialized Tier 3 programs: Specialized Non-SHSM Programs, Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Programs, and Intervention and Support Programs. Ask your guidance counsellor for more specific details and locations of these programs.

Student Re-engagement – Graduation Options

HWDSB offers many unique opportunities that will support you as you work towards your high school diploma and your future career pathway. If you are interested in speaking with someone about creating a plan to graduation and your pathway beyond, click here to connect with one of our student success teachers.

Intervention and Support Programs

Tier 3 interventions and/or supports can include:

  • Specialized support programs which require a low student-to-staff ratio in order to provide focused, direct and personalized assistance to students.
  • Non-credit special education programs for those who require intensive, continuous, and individualized support with a low student-to-staff ratio.
  • Individualized credit-granting programs for students unable to attend a traditional school setting for a period of time.

Click the the drop-downs below to learn more about the programs listed. For more information, please contact your guidance counsellor.

Accelerated Literacy Program Hamilton Area (ALPHA)

ALPHA is an accelerated program for students aged 14 to 18 who have recently arrived in Ontario schools with limited prior schooling. In this program, students make significant gains in English language development literacy and numeracy skills as well as academic skills and knowledge. ALPHA is designed for students who are fluent in their home language and who would benefit from an accelerated program which allow for two years of learning to be addressed in one year. Students are referred to this program upon entry to HWDSB through the Assessment Centre. The goal is for the students to be successfully integrated into a regular classroom.

Native Youth Advancement With Education Hamilton, NYA:WEH

Provides a culturally based support for Aboriginal youth. The program combines two streams of education, Western and Traditional, which are integral to the success of Aboriginal youth. Specific support for First Nation, Metis and Inuit students in the following areas: Academic Assistance; Culturally Sensitive Resource; Social and Personal Consultation; Access to Tutors; and Student Advocacy. At Sir John A. Macdonald, Delta, Mountain and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary Schools. Learn more on our NYA:WEH page.

NuSteel Program

NuSteel is located in the heart of Hamilton’s arts community on James St. North and is available to students with an interest in pursuing possible careers in the arts. The referral process for this program is through Central Intake, and we also welcome referrals for students in the care of CAS, via their case workers. Students partaking in the NuSteel program have an opportunity to engage in cross-curricular projects that culminate in hand-printed products, including posters, t-shirts, bags, and postcards. The program covers a variety of subjects, including English, Visual Art, History, Careers and Civics. At Centre3, students have the opportunity to participate in Hamilton’s monthly Art Crawls, and experience the life of an artist-entrepreneur.  Students also have the opportunity to work in a community of artists, to observe artists in their craft, and to learn valuable new skills in this rich environment. Keep up to date with all the great things happening with our blog nusteel.blogspot.ca

Graduated Support Program

Graduated Support Program Specific support for students including integration in the school and community, appropriate to the student’s strengths. Although they may not be earning credits, students in this program have the ability to achieve a level of independence in the community upon graduation. Learn more on our Special Education web page.

Extensive Support Program

Intensive, continuous, and individualized support. Collaboration with parents and community partners in order to provide appropriate programming and transition to community supports. Learn more on our Special Education web page.

Personalized Learning Support Program

An individualized educational alternative program for students who cannot learn in a regular school setting. Students remain connected to their home school. Learn more on our Special Education web page.

Young and Expecting Parent Program (YEPP)

This program for young and expecting parents (male or female) aged 14 to 21 is located at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. Students are able to bring their infant to the classroom with them. Students work with a Secondary School teacher to earn credits and also receive hands on parenting support from an Early Childhood Educator. Students have the opportunity to learn alongside other young parents and connect with a variety of community resources such as the Ontario Early Years Centres. Interested students should speak with a guidance counsellor at their school for registration information.

Updated on Tuesday, November 07, 2023.
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