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Elementary schools in HWDSB offer a wide range of learning opportunities to prepare you for success in high school and beyond.

We talk about pathways for students approaching high school as a way to prepare them for their chosen post-secondary destination. Plans and destinations may change as you develop as a person, but planning your path, your way will help you be successful. Learn more in our 7-2-10 Transition Guide.

Explore some of our elementary school programs below. To learn more about elementary focus programs, click here.


HWDSB is committed to arts education having a central position in the educational experience of elementary and secondary school students. We aim to ensure opportunities are created for every student to participate in quality arts programming, regardless of geographic area, income level or special need. Our aim is to develop an appreciation of all of the arts in every student.

Learn more on our Arts page.

English as a Second Language

The Elementary ESL Program teaches children in grades 1 to 8 how to communicate in English effectively. A strong command of the English language will help make your child successful in Canadian society.

Learn more on our Elementary ESL program

French Immersion

HWDSB offers an Early French Immersion program beginning in Grade 1. It is designed to provide English-speaking children with opportunities to become skilled speaking in French as well as English. Classroom instruction in Grade 1 is given in French. An immersion program means that French is not only the medium in which subjects are taught, but it is also the means of communication between pupils and teacher in the classroom and, as much as possible, beyond the classroom. Research and experience show that early immersion leads to higher fluency in French while maintaining levels of competency in English and math.

Learn more about French Immersion and find elementary locations.

Grade 9 Student Transitional Education Program, STEP

Community and Continuing Education, in partnership with HWDSB’s Secondary Schools, is pleased to offer Grade 8 students the Grade 9 Student Transitional Education Program (STEP) each August at the HWDSB secondary school they are about to attend.The free program includes literacy and math instruction, the teaching of valuable learning strategies and is an opportunity for students to meet new friends and become familiar with their new school.

Learn more on our STEP website.

International Languages

The Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 International Language program offered through Community and Continuing Education gives children an opportunity to learn and/or maintain a language other than French or English and to develop an appreciation and sensitivity to the cultural diversity within Canada.

International Languages (Elementary) classes provide academic instruction in languages other than English and French.

Learn more on our International Languages website.

Mohawk Language Program

Mohawk language programming enhances our students’ cultural awareness and improves their communication skills. When students develop the ability to communicate in Mohawk, they are likely to experience increased proficiency in their first language. Learning Mohawk will reinforce, not interfere with, the learning of English, French, or other languages.

The Mohawk Language Program is not designed to make students fully bilingual; rather, the program offers students the opportunity to develop a functional command of Mohawk, which can be expanded through further study or through contact with other speakers of the language.

The program will provide students with learning opportunities that will enable them to:

  • Listen to and understand ideas and Mohawk language under study
  • Express their experiences, thoughts, and feelings orally with clarity and confidence
  • Read Mohawk with growing proficiency
  • Write in Mohawk with growing proficiency
  • Acquire and develop learning skills pertinent to language study
  • Improve their use of language through study, practice, and communication
  • Become familiar with the traditions, customs, social structures, history, geography, and arts of the pertinent Mohawk language family, as well as those of other Indigenous communities in Canada and North America
  • Develop an appreciation of the value of Mohawk language and identity
  • Link their classroom experiences with life in their community

Reach Ahead

Reach Ahead programs offered through Community and Continuing Education are for students starting Grade 8. Programs run one night per week during the school year.

Learn more on the CCE Reach Ahead website.

Strings Program

The HWDSB Strings Instruction Program is offered through Community and Continuing Education. The Strings Program provides an opportunity for HWDSB students in grades 4 to 8 to learn to play violin or cello. This program is a fee for service program and fees are payable at the time of registration.

Learn more on our Elementary Strings website.

Updated on Thursday, December 29, 2022.
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