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List of Secondary Schools

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Ancaster High

Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 374 Jerseyville Road West,Ancaster, Ontario L9G3K8
Phone: 905.648.4468
Principal: Beth Woof | Vice-Principal(s): Mark Currie, Shelly Ferney
Superintendent: Jane Macpherson | Trustee: Alex Johnstone

Bernie Custis

Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 1055 King Street East,Hamilton, Ontario L8M1E2
Phone: 905.296.2504
Principal: Angela Ferguson | Vice-Principal(s): Sonia Sykes, Brian Goodram
Superintendent: Sue Dunlop | Trustee: Maria Felix Miller

Dundas Valley

Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 310 Governor's Road,Dundas, Ontario L9H5P8
Phone: 905.628.2203
Principal: Gail Cipriani | Vice-Principal(s): Jonathan Schinkel, Michael Murray
Superintendent: Jane Macpherson | Trustee: Paul Tut


Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 145 Rainbow Drive,Hamilton, Ontario L8K4G1
Phone: 905.560.7343
Principal: Barry Smith | Vice-Principal(s): Kara Kindree, Sirio Vacca
Superintendent: Jeff Gillies | Trustee: Carole Paikin Miller

Nora Frances Henderson

Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 75 Palmer Road,Hamilton, Ontario L8T3G1
Phone: 905.389.2234
Principal: Timothy Powell | Vice-Principal(s): Sandra Valeri, Jeff Thomas
Superintendent: Laura Romano | Trustee: Dawn Danko

Orchard Park

Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 200 DeWitt Road,Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E4M5
Phone: 905.662.3838
Principal: Dawn Merlino | Vice-Principal(s): Leanne Schaap, Mark Hopman
Superintendent: Jeff Gillies | Trustee: Cam Galindo

Saltfleet District

Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 108 Highland Road West,Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J2T2
Phone: 905.573.3000
Principal: Christine Nicolaides | Vice-Principal(s): Paul Fox, Dan Stepaniuk
Superintendent: Jeff Gillies | Trustee: Cam Galindo


Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 25 High Street,Hamilton, Ontario L8T3Z4
Phone: 905.383.3377 | French Immersion
Principal: Michelle Visca | Vice-Principal(s): Dian Alexandre, Sofia Fox
Superintendent: Paul Denomme | Trustee: Kathy Archer

Sir Allan MacNab

Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 145 Magnolia Drive,Hamilton, Ontario L9C5P4
Phone: 905.383.3337
Principal: Greg Clark | Vice-Principal(s): Scott Barr, Kim Collier
Superintendent: Laura Romano | Trustee: Becky Buck

Sir Winston Churchill

Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 1715 Main Street East,Hamilton, Ontario L8H1E3
Phone: 905.547.6415
Principal: Marco Barzetti | Vice-Principal(s): Kristen Armstrong, Tom Fisher
Superintendent: Paul Denomme | Trustee: Ray Mulholland

Waterdown District

Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 215 Parkside Drive,Waterdown, Ontario L8B1B9
Phone: 905.689.6692
Principal: Theresa Sgambato | Vice-Principal(s): Brent Monkley, Jennifer McGilchrist
Superintendent: Sue Dunlop | Trustee: Penny Deathe


Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 700 Main Street West,Hamilton, Ontario L8S1A5
Phone: 905.522.1387 | French Immersion
Principal: Joshua Connor | Vice-Principal(s): Wendall Gillis, Sarah Beauchamp
Superintendent: Sue Dunlop | Trustee: Christine Bingham


Secondary School (9-12)
Address: 39 Montcalm Drive,Hamilton, Ontario L9C4B1
Phone: 905.385.5395
Principal: Geeta Malhotra | Vice-Principal(s): Andrea Moore, Corie Pillinini
Superintendent: Paul Denomme | Trustee: Becky Buck

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