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Presenting to Trustees

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HWDSB Trustees are committed to effective, meaningful dialogue with students, parents and the community.

The following process is used for those who may be interested in presenting to Trustees.

Requests to Make an Oral Delegation

Requests by groups and individuals to speak on matters that are shown on the Board or Standing Committee agenda must be submitted by noon on the Friday before the meeting and must address a topic on the agenda.

Requests by groups and individuals to speak on a topic other than those posted on an agenda, may be invited to speak to a special committee of the Board.

If your request to make an oral delegation cannot be accommodated, you will be invited to provide a written submission that will be distributed to all trustees and posted on the Board’s website.

Delegation Request

Speaker's Email(Required)
  • Delegates may also submit a written copy/summary of their delegation including any presentation or hand-out materials, and recommendation(s) for resolving the matter (if applicable)

Alternatively, individuals may telephone the Officer of Trustee Services to request delegation status at 905-527-5092 ext. 2279.

Written submissions alone, on any topic and at any time, may be submitted to the Officer of Trustee Services and will be distributed to all trustees and posted on the Board’s website.

Time Allotted

Delegates will be provided with up to 5 minutes to present.

Questions of Clarification

Following presentations, trustees may ask brief questions for clarification only, for a period of time, which will be at the discretion of the Chair.


Trustees will hear up to 6 delegations at each meeting.

All delegates are informed of the following:

  • In accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), presenters must ensure that no student or staff member is identified by name or by specific comments by which they could be identified.
  • Speaking remarks and presentations shall be free of statements or materials that are contrary to the Ontario Human Rights Code, other laws of Ontario and Canada, and the policies of the board, including but not limited to HWDSB Human Rights Policy and HWDSB Code of Conduct Policy.
  • Speaking remarks and presentations must not contain inappropriate comments regarding students, staff, or community members.
  • Delegates are expected to always refrain from the use of abusive or derogatory language and conduct themselves with courtesy and respect for others.
  • Delegates are invited to provide their own copies of any presentation handouts. Board staff will not be responsible for making copies of delegation materials, for the purpose of providing handouts.

The Chair may halt a delegation at any time if any person(s) engages in this or any other form of improper conduct which may result in a delegation not being completed.

Access the Delegation document.

Updated on Monday, May 06, 2024.
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