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HWDSB COVID-19 Updates

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COVID-19 Protocols Overview

Together with Hamilton Public Health Services, staff at HWDSB have used Return to School Guidance and updates to develop COVID-19 protocols for schools. Please see an overview below.  


  • Continued layers of protection: cohorts, screening, masking, hand hygiene and more.
  • Masking for all Kindergarten to Grade 12 students inside unless exempt; no masks outdoors if students distance or are in cohort.
  • All individuals on school property (students, staff, and parents) must physically distance. Adults must wear a mask.
  • Students who fail screening must isolate at home five or 10 days, depending on vaccination status and age, or test negative before returning to school.
  • Students who fail screening at school are separated from others until parent pickup.
  • Enhanced cleaning continues.


  • Students cohorted in class, including recess and Nutrition Break, except for small-group support.
  • Assigned classroom seating.
  • Hydration stations to fill personal water bottles; no drinking fountains.
  • Cohorts may use play structures, libraries, fitness rooms if distanced from other cohorts.
  • Paused field trips, in-person assemblies and third-party food providers.
  • Daily verification of COVID-19 screening.


  • Students cohorted for classes and at lunch, except for small-group student support.
  • Cafeteria food sales paused for now. Lunch in morning classroom or off school property.
  • Paused extracurriculars.
  • Limited fundraising.
  • Daily verification of COVID-19 screening.



  • Co-op students must meet employer’s vaccination and safety requirements.
  • Dual credit students attending on Mohawk College’s campus must follow their vaccination and safety requirements.
  • Gym classes outside when possible.
  • Instrumental music and singing with a mask on is allowed indoors with distancing.


  • Learning supports to help all students understand symptoms and hygiene.

If you have questions about COVID-19 protocols at HWDSB schools, please contact your principal.

Updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
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