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COVID-19 Update to Families #18 – July 28, 2020 or

Letter from Chair re: Ministry Reopening Plann – July 30 2020

Ministry Announcement July 30

Past Updates

In the wake of the COVID-19 school closure, we are planning for three re-opening scenarios for September 2020. The Ministry of Education requested this range of options and will inform us which scenario will be used.

Staff provided an update to Trustees on July 27, 2020.  

The report includes an outline of:  

The following are the guiding principles used in establishing the re-opening plan:  

  • Safety for all  
  • Minimizing the disruption to regular school day routines as much as possible  
  • Ease of transition between the three potential scenarios  
  • Honouring collective agreements and employee terms and conditions  
  • Fiscal responsibility 

 Scenarios for 2020-21 reopening: 

  •  Scenario A – Full Return: Students are in school full day, every day. This is the Ministry’s current preference; however, it is subject to change as circumstances change. 
  • Scenario B – Adaptive Return: Students return with a blended approach to learning with both in-person learning and remote learning. Each cohort will have up to 15 students per class or course, per day. Students learning remotely (either by choice or if it is not their in-person school day) will use the board-standard learning platform (The Hub with MS Teams). Students with high levels of special education needs may attend daily in the adaptive return scenario.
  • Scenario C – Full Remote: Schools are closed, and students are in remote learning. 


  • Ongoing to last week of July 2020 – Finalize plans for scenarios A, B and C including establishment of cohorts.
  • Ongoing to start of school year – Implement enhanced public health protocols at each school such as plexiglass barriers in main offices, hand washing/sanitizing stations, signage.
  • Last week of July – Review of HWDSB School Re-Opening plans by Ministry of Education.
  • July 27 – Board Report on School Reopening (COVID-19) #2.
  • August 4 onward – Ministry of Education direction to school boards on scenario for the start of the school year.
  • August 4 onward (following Ministry of Education direction) – implementation of specific measures based on the scenario for the start of the school year.
Updated on Saturday, August 01, 2020.
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