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Multi-Year Strategic Plan

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Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan for 2023 to 2028 is centred on students having a deep and meaningful sense of belonging while experiencing impactful learning outcomes for all. Click here to read our Thank You Letter from the Chair and Director.

mysp overview from bip documentOur Vision for the next five years at HWDSB is:

Growing Together. 

Our Multi-Year Strategic Plan is rooted in a powerful new Mission:

To ensure every student experiences a sense of belonging and engages in dynamic learning to reach their potential and build their own future.

Our plan’s Mission is underpinned by HWDSB’s new guiding Values:

Compassion, Dignity, Trust and Joy.  

Throughout the consultation process we heard from students, staff, families and community members who helped to inspire five new Strategic Directions:

Upholding Human Rights, Safety & Well-Being

We will support all students and staff to feel safe and secure in our classrooms and school communities.

Providing Equitable Quality Education

We will offer equitable quality educational opportunities to improve student engagement, learning and achievement for future-readiness.

Collaborating with Students, Families & Communities

We will build reciprocal relationships and partnerships to enhance access and engagement for students, families, and communities.

Building a Sustainable Education System

We will adapt to a rapidly changing world through responsible fiscal management, investing equitably in accessible and sustainable facilities, and supporting a robust workforce.

Reinforcing Indigenous Educational Wellness & Reconciliation

 We will honour our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation by nurturing respectful and reciprocal relationships among Indigenous Peoples and Treaty Partners, and by cultivating intergenerational healing and wellness in a restorative education system.

As part of this launch, we are also excited to share our new Tagline for the duration of this plan:

Be You. Be Excellent.

This Multi-Year Strategic Plan has helped to inform a new Board Improvement Plan that will be updated annually to advance:

Literacy achievement for every student

Numeracy achievement for every student 

Preparedness for the future for every student

Engagement for every student 

Well-being for every student 

As HWDSB students move through the diverse and unique parts of their lives, this Multi-Year Strategic Plan will support them inside classrooms and beyond. We are fostering spaces where students can be themselves and do excellent things because they are immersed in purposeful learning experiences facilitated by dedicated educators. 

We could not have done this without your enthusiasm and participation. 

Thank you for helping us to uphold the vision, mission, values and Strategic Directions over the next five years of this Multi-Year Strategic Plan. We are grateful for your dedication to ensuring all students feel safe, welcome, and included at school. 

Image of HWDSB students with tagline "BE YOU. BE EXCELLENT."To learn more about HWDSB’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan for 2023 to 2028, please explore the links below:

Updated on Tuesday, April 02, 2024.
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