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What is Home & School?

H&S is an independent, parent-driven organization committed to supporting public education and promoting the welfare of children and youth. Home & School strives to give parents an understanding of schools and to be informed, constructive partners with educators.

Home & School Associations have been active in Ontario since 1896. In 1916 the Ontario Federation of Home & School Associations (OFHSA) was organized – the first provincial Home & School Federation in Canada.

The first Home & School Association in Hamilton was formed in 1927 at G. R. Allan School. By 1933 there were five associations: G. R. Allan, Ryerson, Earl Kitchener, Stinson and Brantdale. In November of 1933 the Hamilton Council was formed.

What does Home & School Provide?

  • A forum for parents, teachers, and principals to share their points of view
  • A communications link with other parents in the community
  • A source of information about education and other issues which affect young people
  • A self directed group, not dependant on the school staff’s initiative and time
  • A professional development opportunity for parents
  • A provincially recognized voice for parents with students in Ontario’s public schools
  • A connection with your local school board through the Home & School Council
  • An appropriate mechanism to bring parents concerns to the attention of the Ministry of Education, and other relevant Ministries.
  • Home & School representatives participate on many other committees of the HWDSB including:
    • French Immersion Advisory Committee
    • Special Education Advisory Committee
    • Innovation & Partnership
    • Communications
    • Learning Opportunities
    • The steering committee of the Educational Archives and Heritage Centre

About Membership

Membership is open to all persons interested in the welfare of children and youth, and who support the beliefs of Home & School as set out in the constitution and policy statements.

  • Individual or family memberships are $20 per year.
  • Once formed, each association has a $100 liability insurance fee annually.
  • Includes membership in OFHSA (Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations) and the Canadian Federation of Home and Schools.
  • Includes liability insurance coverage.

Directory of Home & School Associations in HWDSB, 2019/2020

Association Established
Adelaide Hoodless H&S 1992
Ancaster Meadow H&S 2005
Balaclava H&S 1981 2005/2006 Gold Special Achievement Award
Cootes Paradise H&S 1927
Dundas Central 1993
Earl Kitchener H&S 1976  Special Achievement Award, Gold Special Achievement Award Winner
Frank Panabaker H&S 2019
Memorial Stoney Creek H&S 2005
Michaëlle Jean 2018
Norwood Park H&S 2019
Prince of Wales H&S 2016
R.A. Riddell 2022
Rosedale H&S 1986
Spencer Valley HS 2018
Strathcona H&S 2015

Meetings of the Hamilton-Wentworth Home & School Council

The H&S Council is formally made up of two representatives from each association within the HWDSB. In addition a trustee and representatives of the teachers federations and principals associations attend the meetings. The Council meets every month at the HWDSB Education Centre (20 Education Court). Note: All Home & School members are welcome to attend the Council meetings.

Hamilton-Wentworth Council of Home and School – Executive and Meeting Information

For more information about Home & School in Hamilton-Wentworth please contact:

Reasa Diab
President of the Hamilton-Wentworth Council
[email protected]

Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations

The Ontario Federation of Home & School Associations, a province – wide network of dedicated members, is committed to informed and proactive involvement in our homes, our schools and our communities, to obtain the “BEST FOR EACH STUDENT.” Learn more about OFHSA.

The head office of the Ontario Federation of Home & School Associations is now located at 51 Stuart Street in Hamilton. This lovely building is the former Customs House, currently owned and run by the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre.

The Ontario Federation of Home & School Associations
51 Stuart Street
Hamilton, ON L8L 1B5
phone (905) 308-9563
Email: [email protected]

Updated on Friday, July 10, 2015.
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