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Governance Action Plan

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Following the delivery of the third-party, independent investigator’s final report and recommendations based on a Student Trustee complaint of breach of the Board’s Code of Conduct, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) Trustees voted to adopt all 12 recommendations.

The investigator’s final report and recommendations are being made public alongside the release of this statement. Trustees received the report and discussed its findings and recommendations during three meetings of the Board on January 27, January 28, and February 2, 2021.

Report and Recommendations

Trustee Professional Development 

Trustee Professional Development Attendance 2022-23

Trustee Professional Development Attendance 2021-22

Trustee Professional Development Attendance 2020-21

Governance Review Meetings

Information will shared related to the Governance Action Plan based on the Governance Committee items. For latest Governance Meetings, view the Board Meetings website.

  • Agenda March 2. Audio recording, here.
  • Agenda March 22. Audio recording will be posted.
    • Topics include: Trustee Code of Conduct – appointment of outside consultant, Trustee Annual Plan and Self-Evaluation Development, and Governance Review
  • Agenda May 19 Audio recording, here.
    • Topics include: Updates to Board of Trustees Handbook


Additional Information

Updated on Friday, June 23, 2023.
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