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Kindergarten Orientation

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Click here for more information about Kindergarten at HWDSB.

Your child’s first day at school is around the corner!

HWDSB schools typically welcome families to Kindergarten Orientation events in May of each year. This is a great chance for families to visit the school with their child(ren) to learn more about Kindergarten. Contact your local HWDSB school in the spring to find your date.

Kindergarten at HWDSB

A video tour of what happens during a typical kindergarten day at a school in HWDSB.

Welcome to Kindergarten Orientation

A narrated video based on the presentation we provide to elementary schools for their Kindergarten orientation events.

Special Education

Children enter Kindergarten with various needs and abilities. Click here to learn more about Entry to School for children entering Kindergarten who may require Special Education services.

Social Story Book

A booklet about Kindergarten that families can print and explore with their child.

Kindergarten Activity Book – English

Translations: Arabic; Chinese; Kurdish; Punjabi; Serbian; Somali; Spanish; Urdu; Vietnamese


Social Media Photo Sign

A sign that families can print and use for photos to celebrate a child’s first day at school.


Updated on Friday, February 02, 2024.
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