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Reimagining Wellness 2.0

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Reimagining Wellness wheel with department namesHWDSB continues to respond to the challenges of pandemic recovery with a welcoming, inclusive initiative, Reimagining Wellness 2.0.

Reimagining Wellness 2.0 is a data-informed strategy being used to support student learning and achievement as well as mental health and well-being across HWDSB.

This initiative was designed with the original Reimagining Wellness framework in mind, and adjusted after feedback from students, staff and the community. After reflecting on feedback, we are pleased to announce that all lessons now include embedded curriculum and learning skills connections for educators to use.

Reimagining Wellness 2.0 provides an opportunity to engage with and reflect upon how building community and relationships can work in tandem to support other HWDSB initiatives. This work is foundational as it will help to support the creation of safer and more inclusive classrooms for all students and close the gap for those who are currently and historically underserved.  

Activities fit into three categories: Community & Team Building, Physical Activation and Social Emotional Skill Development. Within the categories, the weekly themes will cover personal and collective identity, understanding and managing emotions, self-care, collective empowerment and collective action.


Sample Lessons  

People assisting others, words: Community and Team Building. The I In Image (Junior) 

Ball toss Boasts & Bothers (Intermediate) 

Person dancing. Words: Physical Activation Team Building Relay (Primary) 

Stretch & Shake (Kindergarten) 

Person juggling. Words: Social Emotional Skill Development. Math – Game of Totals (Primary) 

Group Mural (Junior) 


Updated on Sunday, September 11, 2022.
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