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Active and Sustainable School Transportation

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hamiltonLike the City of Hamilton and Smart Commute Hamilton, HWDSB promotes active and sustainable school transportation. Active and Sustainable School Transportation (ASST) can increase physical activity, reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, enhance neighbourhood safety and instill a greater sense of community. HWDSB has signed the Active and Sustainable School Transportation Charter.

What is School Travel Planning?

School Travel Planning encourages communities to work together so that children living within walking distance of school city-of-hamilton-e1409061266293can walk or ride their bikes. The STP process involves students, parents, teachers, principals, public health nurses and others as it examines challenges and develops active travel solutions that may include:

  • Walking school buses
  • Buddy systems
  • Route maps
  • Fun walking events
  • Park and walk locations
  • Cycling education
  • Traffic-calmed streets and crosswalks
  • School site safety measures

How can HWDSB communities get involved in ASST?

HWDSB encourages students, families, staff and community partners to work together on active school transportation planning. Here are some ways they can do so:

1. Develop a School Travel Plan (STP)

An STP is both a policy document and a process. The STP process helps identify barriers to active and sustainable transportation for each school, and it helps develop a school specific written action plan.

2. Participate in Walking and Cycling Event Days

Hamilton Wear Yellow Days (WYD)

Celebrate the many benefits of walking and cycling to school, and raise awareness about ASST.

  • International Walk to School Day – October
  • Winter Walk Day – February
  • Spring into Spring – April

Bike to School Day

Schools can participate by biking to and from their school, or by joining the mass ride to Hamilton’s Gore Park each May.

3. Nominate your school for a Community In Motion (CIM) Award

This award recognizes efforts to actively promote and support walking, cycling, and public transit use.

Find more information on the Community in Motion Awards website.


Updated on Monday, December 05, 2022.
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