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Governance – Director Performance Appraisal

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The Board of Trustees are responsible for conducting an annual evaluation of the Director Of Education as outlined in section 169.1 of the Education Act.  Specifically, section 169.1 (1) states every Board shall,

(h) monitor and evaluate the performance of the board’s director of education or the supervisory officer acting as the board’s director of education, in meeting,

(i) his or her duties under this Act or any policy, guidelines or regulation made under the multi-year plan … required in Section 169.1 (1) (f), and

(ii) any other duties assigned by the board. (Education Act, Ontario).


In addition to the Education Act, O. Reg 83/24: : DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL provides the outline for boards to conduct the annual evaluation.

Updated on Monday, July 08, 2024.
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