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Senior Team

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Executive Council Organizational Chart 2023-2024
Executive Council Support Organizational Chart 2023-2024
Family of Schools Organizational Chart 2023-2024

Director of Education

Picture of Sheryl Robinson Petrazzini

Sheryl Robinson Petrazzini

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2297

  • Communications & Community Engagement Department ( Senior Manager)
  • Executive Council
  • Associate Directors
  • Human Rights and Equity Advisor
  • Indigenous Education (Lead)
  • Research & Analytics (Manager)
  • Trustee Services (Trustee Officer)
  • Board Governance Committee
  • HWPC Shared Leadership
  • Hamilton-Wentworth Student Transportation Service Governance Committee
  • Roundtable for Union Presidents
  • Multi-Year Strategic Plan
  • Board Improvement Plan
  • Student Achievement Plan (MEDU)
  • Executive Council Learning
  • HWDSB Equity Action Plan
  • Public Health
  • Privacy (Officer)
  • Provincial Mental Health Assist Initiative (Ministry CODE Contact)
  • System Leaders’
  • Terms and Conditions – Executive Council

Associate Director of Business Services & Board Treasurer

Picture of Matthew Gerard

Matthew Gerard

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2500

  • Financial Services Division (Senior Manager)
  • Facility Services Division (Senior Manager)
  • HW Student Transportation Services Department (General Manager)
  • Human Resource Services and Staff Well-Being Division Division (Executive Officer)
  • HFSS Foundation (Officer)
  • Instructional & Informational Technology (IT) Division (Senior Manager)
  • Multi-year Accessibility Plan
  • Board Audit Committee
  • Board Finance & Facilities Committee
  • HW Managers’ Cabinet
  • HWPC Shared Leadership
  • Hamilton-Wentworth Student Transportation Service – Governance and Administrative Committees
  • Archives
  • HWDSB Board Improvement Plan
  • Hamilton Foundation for Student Success Foundation Treasurer
  • OnSIS
  • Service Leaders Meetings
  • Student Data Strategy

Associate Director, School Improvement, Learning Services

Picture of Jamie Nunn

Jamie Nunn

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2624

  • Learning Services Division
  • Equity and Well-Being Division (Superintendent)
  • Family of Schools (5 Superintendents)
  • Math Lead (Superintendent)
  • Program (Superintendent)
  • Specialized Services (Superintendent)
  • Board Policy Committee
  • Board Program Committee
  • HWPC Shared Leadership
  • Contingency Planning Table
  • Executive Council Learning
  • Leadership Strategy
  • Principal/Vice-Principal Learning
  • HWDSB Board Improvement Plan
  • Student Achievement Plan (MEDU)
  • Student Data Strategy

Indigenous Education Lead

Picture of Jolene John

Jolene John

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2039

  • Indigenous Education
  • The Learning Nest
  • SHAE – Strengthening Hamilton Aboriginal Education (in partnership with HRIC)
  • Indigenous Education Circle (IEC)
  • Indigenous Education Circle Strategic Action Plan (IECSAP)
  • Shakowennakara:tats

Human Rights and Equity Advisor (HREA)

Picture of Yohana Otite

Yohana Otite

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2039

  • Human Rights Early Resolution Supervisor
  • Human Rights and Equity Community Advisory Committee
  • Human Rights Office
  • Equity Action Plan
  • Human Rights Accountability Procedure
  • Human Rights Complaint and Resolution Procedure

Executive Officer of Human Resources and Staff Well-Being

Picture of Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2387

  • Human Resource Services (Senior Manager)
  • Board Human Resources Committee
  • Central Joint Health and Safety Committee
  • Leadership Strategy (Promotion Process)
  • Profiling Excellence
  • Strategic Wellness and Absence Management Plan
  • Employment Equity Audit Action Plan
  • Collective Bargaining/Collective Agreements/Terms and Conditions
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Employee Support and Wellness
  • Labour Relations
  • Performance Appraisals (TPA, NTIP, PPA, EPAS)
  • Positive Climate Team – (Ed Centre)
  • Professional Development & Recruitment
  • Service Leaders Meetings (Co-Lead)
  • Staffing and Operations

Superintendent of Student Achievement

Picture of Michelle Lemaire

Michelle Lemaire

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2624

  • Assessment Centre
  • Elementary and Secondary Program (System Principals)
  • Pre-K Early Years (Manager)
  • System Learning Commons (Manager)
  • Board Program Committee
  • French as a Second Language Community Advisory Committee
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting/EQAO
  • Reading Strategy (K-12)
  • Early Years
  • French Immersion Strategy
  • Modern Learning
  • Outdoor Education, Environmental Education and Experimental Learning
  • Remote Learning/e-Learning
  • Specialized Learning Programs
  • Student Success Strategy

Superintendent of Student Achievement - Specialized Services

Picture of Sharon Stephanian

Sharon Stephanian

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2625

  • Autism and Neurodevelopment Services (Manager)
  • Behaviour Analytic Services (Manager)
  • Education Community Partnership Programs (ECPP) (Principal)
  • Glenwood (Vice-Principal)
  • Psychological Services (Manager)
  • Reading and Writing Intervention (Principal)
  • Special Education (2 Principals)
  • Speech and Language Services
  • SEAC Committee
  • Multi-year Accessibility Plan
  • Special Education Strategy

Superintendent of Equity, K-12 Mental Health & Well-Being

Picture of Paul Denomme

Paul Denomme

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. 2386

  • Equity (Principal)
  • Social Work – School Based Supports (Manager)
  • Social Work – System Supports and Mental Health (Manager)
  • Faith Community Advisory Committee
  • Human Rights and Equity Advisory Committee
  • Equity & Inclusive Education (Board Contact)

Superintendent of Student Achievement, Board Math Lead, K-12

Picture of Estella Jones

Estella Jones

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2386

  • Math Lead
  • Student Engagement – Arts and Athletics (Supervisor)
  • Student Senate and Support for Shakowennakara:tats (in collaboration with Indigenous Education Lead)
  • Student Voice, Engagement & Leadership (Athletics, Arts)

Superintendent of Student Achievement

Picture of Gerry Smith

Gerry Smith

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2361

  • Safe Schools
  • Commencements
  • Safe Schools
    • Suspension & Expulsion Process including Gateway Program
    • Police Board Liaison
    • Secure Schools
    • Safe Schools Action Plan (Implementation of Recommendations)

Superintendent of Student Achievement

Picture of Adnan Shahbaz

Adnan Shahbaz

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2622

Superintendent of Student Achievement

Picture of Simon Goodacre

Simon Goodacre

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2304

Superintendent of Student Achievement

Picture of Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2673

  • FOS 4
  • Continuing Education (Principal)
  • Central Joint Health and Safety
  • Active and Sustainable School Travel – A.S.S.T.
  • Foundations of Health Schools (K-12) – Board Contact
  • Nutrition
  • Public Health Liaison

Acting Superintendent of Student Achievement

Picture of Lindsay Snell

Lindsay Snell

[email protected]
905.527.5092 ext. x 2626

  • FOS 5
  • System Alternative Education (Principal , 2 Vice-Principals)
  • Rural Schools Community Advisory Committee
  • SAL Committee
  • Commencements
  • SEF/Continuous Learning and Improvement Lead (Reading Goal, K-6)
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