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Rural Schools

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In June 2017, the Ministry of Education announced additional funding through the Rural and Northern Education Fund (RNEF) as an enhancement to the Grant for Student Needs. This funding is dedicated for school boards to further improve education for students from rural communities.

Funding is allocated to school boards based on the number of rural students and two factors measuring the density of rural student enrolment in the board. School boards use the funding for rural education based on local needs and report publicly on how the funding is used, such as:

  • improving programming and support services in rural schools (e.g., French Immersion, The Arts and guidance counselling);
  • continuing the operation of rural schools; or
  • enhancing student transportation options such as late bus runs and mobile e-Learning through tablets or Wi-Fi.

School boards are able to spend funding allotted to the board using a school list from the Ministry of Education. The list is comprised of schools in which at least half of their students are from rural communities.

Boards are required to publicly post details of RNEF expenditures as well as those schools in which RNEF funding was spent:

  • In 2021-22, HWDSB received an in-year allocation of $32,514.
  • A total of $42,406 was brought forward from prior years’ unspent allocation.
  • The total allocation available for 2021-22 school year was $74,920.
  • Out of the total allocation of $74,920 available for the school year, $41, 288 was spent, deferring $33,632.

Allocation to schools and their related spending for the 2021-22 school year are as follows:

Elementary School 2021-22 School Year Allocation Expenses
Balaclava $6,843 $2,445
Bellmore $13,070 $9,411
École Élémentaire Michäelle Jean $8,485 $4,304
Greensville $3,952 $3,974
Janet Lee $9,019 $9,071
Millgrove $4,663 $5,427
Mount Hope $9,712 $3,240
Rockton $10,103 $2,510
Tapleytown $3,434 $904
Held Centrally $5,639 $0
Total: $74,920. $41,288
Updated on Tuesday, May 23, 2023.
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