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Kindergarten Registration

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Click here for more information about Kindergarten at HWDSB.

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Registration for the 2024-25 school year opens February 5, 2024.  We look forward to welcoming you to Kindergarten at HWDSB!

Your child is eligible for the two-year Kindergarten program in the calendar year that they turn four or five. Your child must attend school if they are age six by September 1. Please note that only parents or legal guardians can register their children for school.

  • Find your neighbourhood school in our School Locator tool or call 905-527-5092.
  • Register online to create an account, enter details and add your child to our student information system. If you have questions, please contact your local HWDSB school.
  • Here are some additional options:
    • By email: Complete and print the Student Registration Form, also available at your school. You can submit a PDF forms via email (see school email list). The 2024-25 registration form will be available in February.
    • Paper Application: Paper applications can be requested and picked up from schools upon request. Paper applications can be completed at home and submitted back to schools once completed. Please call your local school to request a paper application.
  • Your elementary school will contact you to verify information submitted. Required documents include:
    • Proof of age (birth certificate, passport, baptismal certificate or permanent resident card)
    • Proof of address. Acceptable documentation includes:
      • Current Agreement of Purchase and Sale
      • Current Utility Bill
      • Current Property Tax Bill
      • Current Home Phone/Cable/Internet Bill
      • NOTE: Driver’s license, cell phone bill and bank statements are not acceptable documentation of proof of address.
    • Proof of immunization
      • Parents or guardians are responsible for submitting their school-age child’s immunization/vaccine record to Hamilton Public Health.
    • Verification of date of arrival/immigration documents (if the child was not born in Canada)
    • If registered using our print method, bring a completed Child Information Form, also available at your school.

Registering students who may require Specialized Services

Children enter Kindergarten with various needs and abilities. We want all children to have a positive and seamless entry to school. Click here to learn more about Entry to School for children entering Kindergarten who may require Special Education services.

If you are registering a child who may require specialized services or supports, please complete the HWDSB registration form and the Tell Us About Your Child form.

Registering During the School Year

During the school year, students new to the area and already of school age must register at their in-catchment (home) elementary school. Find your child’s home school in School Locator. For the out-of-catchment school process, click here.

If arriving during the summer, students must register at their in-catchment (home) school during the last week of August.

Click here to learn more on our How to Register webpage.

Updated on Monday, February 05, 2024.
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