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Budget Process and Staffing Updates

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As in previous years, the budget planning and development process will move forward with a focus on supporting student achievement and well-being.2023-24 Budget This site is created to inform our community throughout the budget and staffing process by sharing latest news, critical timelines, and related reports.

Ministry of Education

Budget Development Process Timelines 

  • January: Key Parameters and Assumptions to Guide Budget Development
  • February to May: Executive Council and Finance & Facilities Committee to receive budget information to make decisions on school-based staff to meet collective agreement timelines
  • March 30: School Based Staffing Recommendations to Finance and Facilities Committee
  • April 17: Release of Ministry funding model for 2023
  • May to June: Finalize preliminary budget and recommendations based on information received from Grant announcement
  • By June 30: Approval of Budget and submission to Ministry

Budget Priorities

Although there was no direct public consultation about the Budget Priorities for 2023-24, Trustees support HWDSB’s existing priorities.

  • Improving Student Learning and Achievement
  • Mental Health & Well-Being
  • School Revitalization
  • Special Education
  • 21stCentury Learning and Digital Resources

Projected enrolment

HWDSB has projected its enrolment for 2023-24 based on the best information available at this time. The projections include an increase from 2022-23.

2022-23 2023-24 Increase/(Decrease) Increase/(Decrease)
Revised Budget ADE Projected Budget ADE ADE %
Elementary 37,009.00 37,440.00 431.00 1.16%
Secondary 14,198.00 14,246.25 48.25 0.30%
Total 51,207.00 51,686.25 479.25 0,90%


Staffing expectations

Based on the complexities of this year’s budget process, our staff and community can expect that redundancies will be declared based on confirmed funding and the collective agreement timelines. As in prior years, the Board can always add positions back but cannot reduce staffing after the collective agreement timelines

Latest News

Critical Timelines

Key Staffing Timelines (Based on Collective Agreements)    

  • COPE – May 31
  • CUPE – No assigned timeline
  • DECE – April 6
  • HWETL – April 6
  • OCTU – May 1
  • OSSTF – April 28

Related Reports

Updated on Monday, May 01, 2023.
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