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HWDSB created this page to help our community communicate award opportunities for students. This includes scholarships, bursaries and awards of distinction. Awards may or may not include a financial reward.

When your award is posted, you can then approach the schools individually for approval to distribute this information. Please note that if an award is not on the Awards page, HWDSB schools will not distribute the information.

Do you want your award displayed on this page? Click the tab to view our guidelines and then click here for the form to submit an award!

Chaney-Ensign Bursary Fund
Two application deadlines – October 1 and February 1

NEED HELP WITH TUITION? A bursary is money to help pay for your education that you don’t need to pay back. Ever!
Hamilton Community Foundation is a local charity. We have a program called the Chaney-Ensign Bursary that’s specifically for postsecondary students like you who graduated from high school in Hamilton.

Complete the application on our website by these dates:

  • February 1
  • October 1 You can apply (and receive funds) in both rounds.

Three steps to get a bursary:

  • Graduate from a publicly funded high school in Hamilton.
  • Apply for OSAP (you don’t need to have received funding).
  • Submit application for a bursary.

Apply online here when the portal is open.

Canine Foundations Inc.
Shelley Ingrassia Scholarship
Deadline:  June 30, 2024

The Shelley Ingrassia Scholarship is in memory of a dear friend and fellow dog lover, who lost her valiant battle with cancer. Shelley was a member of the Moose Deer Point First Nations with a deep desire to see businesses flourish within her community and provide sustainable employment opportunities for all members. Canine Foundations is proud to honor the memory of this beautiful soul through the Shelley Ingrassia Scholarship.  This scholarship follows Shelley’s heart by empowering Indigenous women to pursue their educational goals in the field of dog training. A successful candidate will receive free enrolment to the Canine Foundations’ Training Academy through Georgian College.


  • Applicants must be Canadian and a member of a First Nation, Métis or Inuit community. 
  • This Scholarship is intended for an Indigenous woman, gender-diverse, or Two-Spirit person. 
  • Open to individuals the age of 16 and up. 
  • Priority given to students committed to improving economic growth and independence of Indigenous communities.


Furnaceprices.ca Voice of the Future Scholarship
Deadline:  June 30, 2024
Scholarship value: $1,000

We’re offering a $1,000 scholarship to students who are ready to stand up and speak out on the issues that matter most to them. Whether it’s climate change, mental health, educational equity, or any other challenge facing your generation, we want to hear from you.

You must be a current high school senior, college student, or graduate student. You must be enrolled or applying to/accepted at an accredited college or university within Canada for the upcoming academic year. We welcome applications from students of all majors and areas of study.

Click here for more information.

Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA)
The BBPA National Scholarship Program
Deadline:  July 1st, 2024

For the past 38 years, the Black Business and Professional Association has been advancing Black business communities, youths and professionals, to create equity and opportunity for all, so no one gets left behind. Through various programs, the BBPA continues to fulfill that promise.  One of such programs, the BBPA National Scholarship Program (NSP) was established in 1986 and is dedicated to supporting and promoting the achievement of academic excellence by Black Canadian youth through an annual scholarship program. It was borne out of the need to reduce the rate at which Black students drop out of school despite their rising intellect, due to unavailability of funds.  The NSP is managed by a volunteer board of trustees appointed by the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA) and is operated separately from the Harry Jerome Awards and all other BBPA activities. The NSP is also backed by mentorship programs, HR programs, financial literacy programs, skills training and more, in order to give a stronger foundation to applicants.  The NSP receives financial donations from Corporations and individuals that share its mission to support the education and development of Canada’s future leaders, through assisting Black youth in their attainment of post-secondary education. Donors may contribute to the General Fund, used to fund scholarships and assist us in covering our operating costs; or to the Endowment Fund, established to provide a secure financial base for the expansion of the annual scholarships and to create a scholarship program that can be maintained in perpetuity.

To qualify:
Black student who is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person (or have applied for permanent residency or a student/work visa).
Be enrolled in an accredited educational institution.
Be between 17 – 30 years old at the start of the academic year.

Visit https://bbpa.org/bbpa-scholarships/ for more information.

Deadline:  July 12, 2024

For the post-secondary scholastic year 2024- 2025, Chapter 5 Niagara, of the Drainage Superintendents Association of Ontario (DSAO) awards the Ralph Bradley Memorial Bursary, with a value of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), for post-secondary education to a successful candidate within the district of Chapter 5 of the DSAO; which consists of the area within the Regional Municipality of Niagara, Haldimand County, Norfolk County, Brant County, Halton Region and the City of Hamilton.


Applicants must be intending to further their education in an agricultural or water management related field and must graduate in 2024 with a minimum B average (70% or greater) from an accredited secondary school within the DSAO Chapter 5 district. The bursary will be payable to the recipient upon filing proof of enrollment in the second (2nd) semester of post-secondary studies. The bursary may only be used at post-secondary institutions (colleges and universities) within the Province of Ontario. There is no restriction on the program of studies; however, the studies must be in a field which is, in some manner, related to agriculture and/or water management.


Complete the attached application form, in full and legibly. In addition, the applicant must submit with the application form a brief summary describing their educational background as it may relate to agriculture and/or water management, educational goals and the reasons for same, as well as any other information which might be relevant to a decision to further their education in the particular field.

Applications are to be made in writing and submitted by July 12, 2024, to:
Mr. René Landry
Bursary Coordinator
Drainage Superintendents Association of Ontario Chapter 5 Niagara
7672 Rysdale Street
Niagara Falls, ON L2H 1G1
Email: [email protected]

Think Big Scholarship
(ongoing opportunity)

As a Partner in Education Toromont Cat is pleased to award students with a scholarship upon admission to one of our sponsored College Programs. With over twenty thousand dollars designated for scholarships Toromont Cat is paving the way to a rewarding career as a Technician.

Up to ten awards of $2,000.00 will be awarded to successful applicants; $1,000.00 towards 1st semester tuition then upon successful completion of semester 1, $1,000.00 will be awarded to towards the remainder of the program.

Click here for more information.

Federal Education Grants and Bonds
(ongoing opportunity)

To help save for a child’s future studies, the Government of Canada provides two education savings incentives, which are deposited into a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). The Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) consists of a basic amount of 20% on the first $2,500 in annual personal contributions to an RESP (this grant is available to all eligible beneficiaries regardless of family income), as well as the additional amount of Canada Education Savings Grant, which is:

      • 10% on the first $500 of annual personal contributions for children from families with an adjusted income greater than $46,605 and up to $93,208; or,
      • 20% on the first $500 of annual personal contributions for children from families with an adjusted income of $46,605 or less.
        CESG is available until the end of calendar year in which the beneficiary turns 17, and the maximum lifetime amount, including the additional amount of Canada Education Savings Grant, is $7,200.

The Canada Learning Bond (CLB) is available for eligible children from low-income families born in 2004 or later and provides an initial payment of $500 plus $100 for each year of eligibility, up to age 15, for a maximum of $2,000. Personal contributions are not required to receive the CLB.  RESPs are the only savings vehicle that attract the federal and, where applicable, provincial education savings incentives. The money saved in an RESP is not only used to help with tuition, but can also be used to pay for housing, transportation and other education-related expenses, such as textbooks, equipment, supplies, etc., once enrolled in post-secondary education. You will need you and your child’s SIN. Visit your bank and ask to open an RESP.

Learn more: Brochure

Criteria for awards

Awards will be approved based on the following criteria. For context, the promotion of awards will align with the Education Act:

Education Act, Regulation 298 S.24:  No advertisement or announcement shall be placed in a school or on school property or distributed or announced to the pupils on school property without the consent of the board that operates the school except announcements of school activities.

Criteria for Approval:

  1. There cannot be a fee for a student to apply for an award.
    1. A student providing their likeness (name, photo, post-secondary institution, area of study, etc.) may not be a requirement to be considered for an award.
    2. The organization offering the award is responsible for obtaining consent before a student’s name, photo or any personal information is shared or posted where it is accessible to the public (e.g., on websites, social media platforms or in print material)
  1. The material must NOT contain commercial advertising, corporate logos, reference to corporate sponsors, or be a private business, unless these are directly linked to an award.
  2. The information must be respectful of all faiths, races and ethnic backgrounds.
  3. The information must respect the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) and the Education Act.

Awards will be removed after their application deadline. If your award is offered annually, you will need to resubmit each year.


Questions regarding the distribution of award opportunities should be directed to:

Hamilton Foundation for Student Success
905-527-5092 ext. 2103
email [email protected]


Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information regarding scholarships on this website. It is the responsibility of the student to do research early in order to note deadline changes, revisions to criteria, and so on. Contacting the sponsor directly for the most up-to-date information is recommended.

HWDSB schools may have awards that are specific to a given school. That is, only students attending a given school may be eligible for certain school specific awards. Check with your Principal (elementary) or Guidance Counsellor (secondary) for more information about school specific awards offered by your school.

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