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Advisory Groups for Safe Schools Action Plan are Taking Shape

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Advisory Groups for Safe Schools Action Plan are Taking Shape

Students, families and community partners have begun to help shape the actions within the HWDSB Safe Schools Action Plan intended to build school cultures free of bullying.

The Safe Schools Action Plan addresses 10 areas: Student Voice, School Improvement Planning, Bullying Response, Supervision – Where Bullying Happens, Character Education/Healthy Relationships, Special Education, Bullying Policy and Procedures, Data, Privacy and Monitoring of Progress. 

Three advisory groups – for students, parents/guardians/caregivers and community partners – will provide input to the teams supporting these areas, as HWDSB staff attend only as resources. This is part of our commitment to listen and respond to those most impacted by this important work.   

“We understand the essential role that students, parents/guardians/caregivers and community partners play in preventing and responding to bullying. These voices are essential. To support hearing that voice, the student group will be co-led by youth, something that students shared was important,” said Sharon Stephanian, Superintendent of Student Achievement, Student Well Being and Safe Schools Action Plan.  

Healthy, collaborative relationships between HWDSB and students, families and communities are essential if we are going to better address bullying in classrooms and schools. About 60 parents/guardians/caregivers expressed interest in one of the initial advisory group meetings. 

Staff explained that HWDSB is committed to being transparent about what we are doing, creating structures that allow input to inform school and board plans, improving the engagement of those impacted by decisions, and building relationships and trust through action. 

A copy of the meeting slides will be posted on the HWDSB website by December 10. The next Parent Advisory Meeting will focus on providing staff with feedback on a Draft Student Safety Plan.   

Updates on the Safe Schools Action Plan will be posted on the HWDSB website. 

Please learn more and see resources for students and families on our Safe Schools Action Plan. 

Updated on Monday, December 06, 2021.
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