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Ontario directs schools to remote learning following the break

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Ontario directs schools to remote learning following the break

April 12, 2021 

Dear Families,  

We apologize for interrupting your well-deserved break, but we received important news today regarding the return to school coming back from the break. 

Ontario announced that schools across the province will move to remote learning following spring break. 

HWDSB has been working proactively to communicate with families as early as possible. Last week, we shared with you the possible shift to remote learning.  

Transition Days  

With the direction to move to full remote learning, a transition will occur for elementary, secondary and remote learners. This means schools will be closed and, like an inclement weather day, there will no instruction.  

HWDSB is committed to supporting our entire system by providing transition days to allow education workers to prepare for the shift to remote. Staff will use this time to connect with families and deploy devices to students who require it for remote learning. See the chart for more information pertain to your child. 

Child Care   Child care for non-school aged children will remain open. 

Before and after school programs will be closed.

Elementary School (In-person to remote) Schools are closed and no instruction will take place on Monday, April 19 and Tuesday, April 20Remote learning will start Wednesday, April 21. 

Device deployment will be the same as in January and will be available for pick-up on Tuesday, April 20. Families will be contacted starting Monday, April 19. 

Elementary Remote School Learners  The Remote Learning Program will be closed for one transition day. No school on Monday, April 19. School will resume remotely on Tuesday, April 20. 
Secondary Students (In-person and at-home learners to now remote)  Secondary school will be closed for one transition day. No school on Monday, April 19. School will resume in remote learning on Tuesday, April 20. 
Specialized Services Supports 


Students who require additional support that cannot be accommodated through remote learning will have the opportunity to attend in-person. This includes students in self-contained classes as well as students with pervasive special education needsA start date will be communicated with families according to staffing, student circumstances, and scheduling needs.  

Today’s decision is a response that no longer requires Hamilton Public Health Services to issue a local decision. There will not be an announcement by HWDSB on Thursday, April 15, as we previously shared.  

Learning Resources 

Learning resources for parents/guardians to access for their children during the break are available here. 

Well-being Supports  

For mental health and well-being supports, please contact your school, or explore the HWDSB resources. 


As we move to remote after the break, we acknowledge the importance of the vaccine rollout that is currently in progress to reach eligible education workers. We stand behind our education workers and advocate that they all be vaccinated immediately. When our schools reopen, a vaccinated staff population will enhance the public health measures in place and combat the spread of COVID-19.  

Keep safe and stay well, 


Dawn Danko                                                      Manny Figueiredo 

Chair of the Board                                            Director of Education 

Updated on Monday, April 12, 2021.
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