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Join a Student Voice Advisory Committee

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Join a Student Voice Advisory Committee

HWDSB is committed to developing safer, more equitable and more inclusive learning environments. To support student learning and well-being, HWDSB has a responsibility to ensure student voice is centered, valued, and acted upon.

Creating a positive school board culture and environment where all students and staff feel safe, supported, and accepted is one of the goals of the HWDSB Equity Action Plan. Student Voice Advisory Committees are part of the ongoing effort to achieve this goal and include the voices, experience, insight, and ideas of students who belong to groups which have been historically and currently marginalized by the education system. These groups include, but are not limited to: Indigenous, Black, students of colour, Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+, students with disabilities, including those who require special education supports/services, and faith-based groups. 

Student Voice Advisory Committees will allow participants to reflect upon their identities, and to share their lived experiences as well as specific challenges and successes. These committees will serve to connect students from different schools and provide insight on policies, programs and practices to improve outcomes for all students. Meetings will occur at least once per month in person and/or via MS Teams and will be facilitated by HWDSB staff. 

For more information on the Student Voice Advisory Committees please email the Equity Department at [email protected] 

Learn more about HWDSB’s commitment to Human Rights and Equity here.

Updated on Thursday, September 22, 2022.
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