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HWDSB Students Participate in Braiding Diversity into Justice Event

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HWDSB Students Participate in Braiding Diversity into Justice Event

Last week, female-identifying students from Bernie Custis, Glendale, Nora Frances Henderson,Students listening to lawyer panel at John Sopinka Courthouse Sir Winston Churchill, Sherwood, Westdale, and Strengthening Hamilton’s Aboriginal Education (SHAE) visited the John Sopinka Courthouse for the Braiding Diversity into Justice Event!

Hosted by HWDSB’s Experiential Learning team, the event gave students the opportunity to listen to and network with active female leaders in the law sector! Students heard from women in various roles, including a Superior Court judge, crown attorneys, law clerks, special constables of the courts, and law students completing their articling segment of their education journey.

An engaging part of the day was when students heard from keynote speaker Justice Jessica Wolfe, who is an advocate for rethinking the legal system in terms of the colonial harm it has caused Indigenous peoples. She spoke to the students about her experiences and how the system needs young people who question the status quo to ensure justice is served.

Attendees were impressed to learn that Braiding Diversity into Justice was a student-organized event! Students from MacNab’s Hospitality SHSM catered the event, students in the NuSteel program designed the event logo and agenda, Glendale student photographers were taking pictures for the day, and a co-op student from Nora Frances Henderson played a large role in organizing behind the scenes.

Thank you to all the students for your participation and attendance, and to staff for your hard work organizing this educational day!

Updated on Tuesday, April 09, 2024.
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