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Chair’s statement on labour development

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Chair’s statement on labour development

In response to local media after a recent development, Board Chair Dawn Danko issued the following statement:

“We know families may have questions during the collective agreement bargaining process for our various union groups.  There are two stages of bargaining, one at the central table with the province, and the second is local bargaining.

We want HWDSB families to know that schools remain open as safe, welcoming places for students to learn.

At HWDSB, CUPE represents caretakers and maintenance workers. In the possible event of job action, we will inform families before any schools are impacted.

We value all employee groups in our district and want to see the province engage with each of them through respectful, meaningful, and constructive bargaining that addresses the needs and concerns of their members.

HWDSB is committed to reaching fair, negotiated local agreements while maintaining positive long-term relationships with our colleagues.”


Updated on Thursday, October 06, 2022.
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