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The old school as it was about 1895

The old school as it was about 1895

Note: We are currently closed as we are packing and preparing to move to our new location. This message will be removed when we are open. Thank you

The Hamilton Board of Education established the Educational Archives and Heritage Centre (The Archives) in 1988 as a place to house and properly preserve the official minute books, documents, student records and significant historic artifacts that tell the historical story of the Hamilton Board and its schools. When the Hamilton and Wentworth County school boards amalgamated in 1998 to form HWDSB, the Archives became responsible for the records and memorabilia of almost 350 former and current schools in the district.

In the 1990s and into the 21st century, the Archives developed a more formal structure and established itself in more spacious and permanent facilities. Today, the Archives are in the former Vincent Massey School in Hamilton. Run by volunteers, the Archives crew consists of a manager and a diligent team of more than 30 active volunteers.

Explore these pages to learn more about our work, our fascinating collection as well as how you can use our resources or join us as an Archives Volunteer.

Doors Open

Be sure to visit Mohawk Trail, the Archives and the HWDSB Education Centre for Doors Open 2016. Doors Open Flyer


The Vision of The Friends of the Educational Archives and Heritage Centre of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board is to foster an appreciation of the rich educational heritage of the Hamilton-Wentworth Region among local residents and visitors to the area by preserving and promoting the history of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.

Here are just a few of the services we can offer to schools, organizations and individuals at the Archives

  • Query researching into an individual’s educational record. This will include researching attendance records, yearbooks, and photographs. Academic records are not available for individuals. A nominal charge is made for this service.
  • Assisting school reunion committees in planning for successful reunions or anniversaries.
  • Inventorying and retrieving all historically significant records and artifacts from closing schools for safe-keeping.
  • Assisting the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board by making historically important documents available when necessary.
  • Providing speakers on the development of education in the Hamilton area when requested.
  • Assisting other local historical groups to locate information that would be of significance to them.
  • Collecting memorabilia, school attendance records and photographs.
  • Accepting donations of relevant materials. If you have items from your school past which might be appropriate for our collection, please contact us at the Archives


The Archives is pleased and proud to offer speakers on topics of local history. Historical organizations, educational committees and other interested groups are welcome to contact the Archives or one of our speakers and set a date for a professional presentation. There is no charge for this service; the EAHC is pleased to sponsor these speakers to help fulfill our mandate — the preservation and promotion of local educational history.Presently we have the following speakers on our roster:

Click on any or all of the speakers listed below to view a brief outline of the topics they can present to your organization

  • Murray Aikman, Past President of the Friends of the EAHC, is also President of the Hamilton Mountain Heritage Society. He has been actively researching local history for 30 years and Murray is a co-author of the publication “150 Years of Excellence”, a history of the Hamilton Board of Education.
  • Bob Williamson, who served for years on our Executive, is an expert in local educational history and in the military history of the Hamilton-Niagara region. He is a co-author of the publication “150 Years of Excellence”, a history of the Hamilton Board of Education.

See the contact information listed with each speaker’s topic outline, or contact the EAHC by e-mail at archives@hwdsb.on.ca or by telephone at 905-318-3046 for further information.


Updated on Thursday, April 12, 2018.
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