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About HWDSB Policies

Board policies deal with all areas of school and board life. Policies help everyone in the school community understand expectations and rights.

Policies and directives are important resources which govern the operation of Hamilton-Wentworth District Schools. They provide belief statements and operating guidelines for parents and staff regarding the administration of program, property, student, staff and Board matters.

It is the expectation of HWDSB that all employees, students and persons invited to, or visiting Board property; or partaking/volunteering in Board or school-sponsored events and activities will respect the policies and procedures of the Board.

Equity & Diversity

1.0 Equity & Diversity Pillar

1.1 Barrier-Free Learning Environments

1.2 Equity & Inclusive Education

1.3 First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Education

1.4 Integrated Accessibility Standards


Finance and Administration

3.0 Finance and Administration Pillar

3.1 Advertising Expenditures

3.2 Advocacy Expenditures

3.3 Education Development Charges: Alternative Accommodations for School Facilities

3.4 Education Development Charges: School Sites and Operating Budget

3.5 Employee Expense

3.6 Fundraising

3.7 Procurement

3.8 Pupil Accommodation Review

3.9 Transportation

3.10 Trustee Expense

3.11 Visual Identity

3.12 Property Disposition

3.13 Privacy and Information Management

3.14 Boundary Review

3.15 Inclement Weather and Board Cancellations

3.16 Copyright / Fair Dealing

Healthy School & Workplace

Human Resources

Safe Schools

Student Achievement

7.0 Student Achievement Pillar

Interim Early Identification and Intervention Procedure

7.1 Assessment Evaluation and Reporting

7.2 Educational Excursions

7.3 21st Century Learning and Technology

7.4 Community Involvement Activities

7.5 Program

7.7 Student Fees