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New School

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Artistic rendering of New Nash elementary school. Image of school.

We are excited that new school is moving ahead, and hope to update our school community in the months ahead. Please see some details below, and watch for opportunities to learn more.

December 19, 2023 Update:

On the motion of Todd White, the Finance and Facilities Committee RECOMMENDS:

That the Board pause posting a competitive process for the new build; investigate the changing conditions due to activity at the GFL Stoney Creek Regional Facility with respect to the impacts to the health and well-being of students, staff, families and interested parties at the future school site over the expected lifespan of the school; to explore alternate options for accommodation of students; that the Chair of the Board and the Ward Trustee engage with City and Provincial officials as part of the investigation; and report back to Trustees prior to posting a competitive process for this project.

Work Taking Place Communications
  • New school to replace Tapleytown
  • Funding of $16.7 million announced for Nash – Upper Stoney Creek Public School
  • 650 elementary student spaces, 49 new licensed child care spaces and 3 new child care rooms

Timeline of construction stages - now at Design Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a new school?

This new school is a replacement school for Tapleytown, which opened in 1881 and is only rated for 291 students. It also needs about $5 million in repairs.

Student enrolment in the Tapleytown catchment area is projected to significantly outgrow the school’s capacity, due largely to growth in the Nash neighbourhood. The new school will have 650 pupil places.

Please see enrolment projections for the old Tapleytown school below.

When will it open?

Building a new school involves many steps, each of which takes time. These include:

  1. Identification and purchase of property (if necessary)
  2. Funding from Ministry
  3. Design and budget for construction
  4. Approval to Proceed from the Ministry
  5. Site plan approval from City
  6. Tendering process for General Contractor
  7. Approval to Proceed from Ministry (if bid exceeds approved budget)
  8. Construction

We will update the community as details are confirmed, but are working toward a January 2025 opening date, at the earliest.

Who will attend the new school?

There are no plan to change the Tapleytown catchment area or boundary. The entire student body at the existing school will move to the new school when it is complete. This will ensure that the new school has a vibrant and positive school community, while also considering the growing Nash neighbourhood.

Please see a map of Tapleytown Student Distribution as of October 2021 below.

With a landfill nearby, is the school site safe?

The future school site would have been identified during the municipal planning process for this part of the City of Hamilton. As large secondary plans and then subdivision plans are created/reviewed/approved, school sites are also planned and identified, to create complete communities. The future school site is adjacent to a community park and a woodlot.

We encourage the community to review information found in the Environment AssessmentLiaison Committee; and GFL Facility Information.

What will happen to the old schoolhouse at Tapleytown?

We do not know what will become of the old school house but recognize that is important to the community. We will update the community when there are new developments.

Will the school be renamed?

This is a replacement school so renaming is not required. However, we plan to survey the school community to see if a renaming is desired.

Why not build on the old site?

Future enrolment changes to the school, driven by the Nash site, would outstrip the space available at the current Tapleytown site. Due to septic beds, much of the land around the old Tapleytown school is not usable for a building expansion.

Where is the new school – and will it still have a rural character?

Located at the intersection of Green Mountain Road West and First Road West, the new school will be on a 6.2-acre site that will enable outdoor education and field trips to rural areas near the old Tapleytown location. Please see the future site below.

Our students, staff and community are what contribute to the positive culture, well-being and rural experiences that are valued by of our school community. The new school’s proximity to green space as well as future School Council initiatives can continue to contribute and support school and playing field enhancements.

Will overcrowding ever require the old Tapleytown as well?

This is very unlikely. The new school will be built to accommodate 650 students; right now, Tapleytown has about 416 students at the old location.

Why did this take 10 years to approve?

Large projects have long timelines. HWDSB purchased the land for the project in November 2020. HWDSB applied for this project’s funding as part of the Capital Priorities Submission in spring 2021. The project received Ministry of Education approval in December 2021.

Updated on Wednesday, December 20, 2023.
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