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Manufacturing SHSM

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The SHSM in manufacturing provides students with a strong foundation for a wide variety of careers in the manufacturing sector. This program appeals to students whose focus is on the service, repair, and modification of vehicles and vehicle systems to the organization and management of manufacturing services and mass-transit systems.

The Manufacturing SHSM is currently offered at Ancaster, Dundas Valley, Nora Frances Henderson and Sir Winston Churchill.

Bundle of Grade 11 and 12 Courses

  • Four sector-specific courses such as Manufacturing, Technological Design, Computer Science
  • Three other required courses: English, Math and Science
  • Two Cooperative Education credits connected to a manufacturing-related placement
    • Coop placements could include working at places like Advanced Welding Techniques, Walters, small manufacturing companies and automotive repair shops

Speak to your guidance counsellor or SHSM subject teachers for specific pathway courses for your school


Apprenticeship Training
Grades 11-12

Grades 11-12

Grades 11-12

Grades 11-12

Major Credits
One credit may be substituted with a cooperative education credit (additional to the 2 required co-op credits)
Including at least one Gr. 11 and one Gr. 12 credit
Including at least one Gr. 11 and one Gr. 12 credit
Including at least one Gr. 11 and one Gr. 12 credit
Including at least one Gr. 11 and one Gr. 12 credit
English including a CLA in each credit 1 1 1 2
One credit must be in Gr. 12
Mathematics including a CLA 1 1 1 1
Science including a CLA
May be substituted with 1 cooperative education credit (additional to the 2 required co-op credits)
1 1 1 not required
Cooperative Education 2 2 2 2
Total number of credits 9 9 9 9


Three (3) compulsory

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Level C – includes automated external defibrillation (AED) Standard First Aid Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) – generic (i.e., not site-specific) instruction


Three (3) electives from the list below

basic electrical safety Basic Safety Orientation (BSO Plus) Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) – flat computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
confined space awareness customer service elevated work platforms fall protection
fire safety and fire extinguisher use handling dangerous substances health and safety – basic hoisting and rigging
leadership skills Lean Manufacturing lockout/tagging personal protective equipment – manufacturing
portfolio development project management propane safety safe lifting
scaffold safety sector-specific vehicle operation and safety sector-specific software 1 specialized skills training program/competition (e.g., Skills Canada provincial level)
transportation of dangerous goods Working at Heights

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Tours of Mohawk College, Iron Workers Union, & Canadian Welding Bureau.
  • Presentations by Ironworkers Union & Welding Bureau, Canadian Welding Bureau Certification.
  • Demonstrations & training with equipment vendors.
  • Job shadowing, job twinning or short-term work experience with an industry professional.

Reach Ahead Examples

  • Talks with industry professionals
  • Interviewing a college or university student or apprentice
  • Visits to postsecondary institutions and apprenticeship training facilities offering manufacturing-related programs
  • Participation in a dual credit program at Mohawk College

Occupations in the Manufacturing Sector

The following table provides examples of occupations in the arts and culture sector, with corresponding National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes, sorted according to the type of postsecondary education or training the occupations would normally require.

Apprenticeship Training


  • Die Designer 2232
  • Electrician 7212
  • Electrician, Plant Maintenance 7242
  • Industrial Instrument Mechanic 2243
  • Millwright – Industrial 7311
  • Mould Maker 7231
  • Precision Machinist 7231
  • Precision Metal Fabricator 7263
  • Roll Grinder/Turner 9511
  • Tool and Cutter Grinder 9511
  • Tool and Die Maker 7232
  • Welder 7265
  • Welder Fitter 7265
  • Buyer 1225
  • Chemical Production Engineering Technologist 2211
  • Design and Drafting Technologist 2253
  • Electronics Engineering Technologist and
  • Technician 2241
  • Industrial Engineering Technologist andTechnician 2233
  • Instrumentation and Control Technologist and Technician 2243
  • Inventory Analyst 1474
  • Manufacturing Technician/Technologist 2233
  • Materials Supervisor/Material Control Manager
  • 0114
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologist 2232
  • Photonics Technologist and Technician 2241
  • Production and Quality Control Technologist 2233
  • Stationary Engineer 7351
  • Technical Sales Specialist 6221



  • Chemical Engineer 2134
  • Electrical Engineer 2133
  • Engineer, Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • 2141
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer 2141
  • Mechanical Engineer 2132
  • Metallurgical Engineer 2142
  • Production Engineer 2141
  • Foundry Worker 9412
  • Inventory Clerk 1474
  • Labourer, Material Handling 7452
  • Machine Operator, Metal Machining 9511
  • Motor Vehicle Assembler 9482
  • Solderer 7265
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