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Community Involvement Hours

One of the purposes of the community involvement requirement is to develop strong ties between the students and their community, fostering valuable and long-term relationships.

Community Involvement Documents

Student Safety

  • The school board expects the community sponsors to ensure that student volunteers are provided with safety instructions, required equipment and are trained and supervised to ensure a safe and mutually beneficial volunteer experience.
  • Students must be able to perform their community involvement hours in a safe environment.

Verifying the Community Involvement Hours

  • The person overseeing the student’s activity must verify the date(s) and the number of hours completed on the “Completion of Community Involvement Hours” form that is consistent for all schools. (include the link here)
  • The person overseeing the student’s activity must sign and complete the form.


  • Students who are performing volunteer work for organizations are protected by the School Board’s liability insurance while they are performing their required Community Involvement Hours
  • Community sponsors are also protected by the Board’s liability insurance for claims that arise out of our students’ volunteer activities for organizations, e.g. if a student, in the course of his/her volunteer duties, causes damage or injures to a third party and this results in a lawsuit against the student and the community sponsor, the Board’s insurance will protect both the student and the community sponsor.
  • Community sponsors will be responsible for ensuring that their liability insurance will protect them for the involvement in this program. As with other programs such as “Take Our Kids to Work”, the School Board’s insurance does not provide coverage for the negligence of the community sponsors.
  • Community sponsors also should be aware that in the event of personal injury, students do not have accident insurance nor Workplace Safety Insurance Board coverage through the School Board.
Updated on Friday, February 21, 2020.
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