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What to do if you want to contact police to intervene in a situation?

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In June 2020, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) discontinued the School Police Liaison Officer Program. Police continue to support schools with any concerns related to school safety and emergency planning (e.g. Lockdown drills).

When does the school or principal contact police?

Principals must contact police immediately if an individual is a threat to harm themselves, or others. Principals will also contact police to support the planning and execution of Secure Schools drills. Police will also respond to Secure Schools emergencies (e.g. Lockdown, Hold and Secure, Shelter in Place).

Principals must contact police regarding: deaths; physical assault causing bodily harm requiring medical attention; sexual assault; robbery; criminal harassment; relationship-based violence; possessing a weapon, including possessing a firearm; using a weapon to cause or to threaten bodily harm to another person; trafficking in weapons or in illegal drugs; possessing an illegal drug; hate and/or bias-motivated occurrences; gang-related occurrences; extortion; arson; non-consensual sharing of intimate images; and bomb threats.

When should parents/guardians/caregivers contact police?

  • Call 911 for medical, fire and police emergencies*, including crimes in progress.
    *An emergency is any situation where people’s safety or property is immediately at risk. It is important that you only call 911 in emergency situations as using 911 for non-emergency situations limits access to those in need of an emergency response.
  • Call 905-546-4925 for reporting incidents that are non-urgent or not life-threatening.
    This number can also be used to make general inquiries with regards to police support and resources (e.g. noise complaints, reporting thefts, etc.)
  • Online reporting (on.ca/report-crime/online-reporting).
    Allows individuals to submit reports about damaged or lost property, damage or theft from a vehicle or theft if they DO NOT have any suspect information. If there is suspect information, call 905-546-4925. Online reporting of hate/bias motivated incidents and sexual assault allows for suspect information to be included in an online report.
Updated on Monday, August 14, 2023.
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