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Improving our Partnership Process

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In April 2019, after the Partnership Monitoring Report was shared with the Program Committee, the online application form was launched on the website and a new email was created (partnerships@hwdsb.on.ca). The approval process was developed in coordination with the Associate Director of Learning Services to complete the five-step process for Partnerships. The five steps includes Application, Approach, Alliance, Approval, and Action. Staff have continued engagement opportunities with partners to inform them on the five-steps to partnership process.

This comes as our Partnership Database continues to be improved. The platform was updated to reflect the new Community Engagement strategy and the online application form. In 2019, staff continue to offer training opportunity and maintain data integrity. Specifically, non-high priority schools will participate in contributing partnership data to the platform. In addition, high priority schools will continue to work with the engagement team to ensure current data is reflected.

Our target states that staff will increase the number of community partnerships that align to schools needs by August 2020. After conducting an analysis of the database in June, 2019, staff learned there were 190 unique entries in the partnership database. This number is different from the 251 total partnership entries reported during the Partnership Report update in April, 2019. For example, this number represents one partner delivering more than one program. The unique entry number of 190 is the benchmark for the target.

Updated on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.
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