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Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grants

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School councils across HWDSB are welcoming even more families to innovative engagement opportunities thanks to funding through the Ministry of Education’s Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grants.

Ontario’s PRO Grants are designed to support parents in identifying barriers to parent engagement in their own community and to find local solutions to involve more parents in support of student achievement and well-being.

HWDSB received $44,300 for the 2018-19 Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grants. This funding is to support 40 School Council ($39,800) and 1 Regional/Provincial project(s) ($4,500).

Funded Regional Projects in 2018-19

Engaging Parents from Newcomer and Diverse Communities: $7,500

Funded School Council Projects in 2018-19

Allan A Greenleaf, Math and Physical Literacy Night, $1,000
Ancaster Meadow, Parent Resource Lending Library, $1,000
Balaclava, Improving Student Wellness and Decrease Anxiety, $1,000
Bennetto, Outdoor Learning and Creative Play, $1,000
Beverly Central, Family Financial Literacy and Money Management, $1,000
C H Bray, Student Mental Health and Well-Being, $900
Chedoke, Natural Play Space And Our Parents, $1,000
Cootes Paradise, Pathways to Success for Your Child, $1,000
Dalewood, Pathways to Skilled Trades, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing, $1,000
Dr John Seaton, Family Financial Literacy and Money Management, $1,000
Dundas Valley Secondary, Healthy Partnerships: How to Help our Children in the 21st Century, $1,000
Earl Kitchener, Making Connections Through Stories, $1,000
École élémentaire Michaëlle Jean, Bridging the Gap Between Parent and Child, $1,000
Fessenden, Mental Health and Wellness, $1,000
Flamborough Centre, Parent Engagement Night, $1,000
Glen Echo, Engaging Parents In Education, $1,000
Glendale Secondary, Parental Engagement – It Matters, $1,000
Gordon Price, Family Science Night, $1,000
Helen Detwiler, Supporting Well-Being and Mental Health, $1,000
Hess Street, Supporting Your Child’s Education and Numeracy at Home, $1,000
Highview, Family Math Night, $1,000
James MacDonald, Parent Involvement, $1,000
Lawfield, Social Media Safety, $1,000
Lisgar, Motivating Parents and Kids to Get Active Together, $1,000
Mary Hopkins, Workshops for Anxiety, ADHD, FASD, and Other Conditions, $1,000
Mount Hope, Healthy Resilient Children, $1,000
Norwood Park, Together We Learn More, $1,000
Prince of Wales, Parents Supporting Education Seminar, $1,000
Queen Mary, Increasing ELL Participation and Knowledge, $1,000
R A Riddell, Homework Help With Emphasis on Math, $900
Richard Beasley, Believing in Yourself- A Bullying Prevention Workshop, $1,000
Ryerson, Reaching Out to Newcomer Parents, $1,000
Sir William Osler, Evidence Based Learning and Study Strategies, $1,000
Tapleytown, Social Media and Internet Safety, $1,000
Viscount Montgomery, Increasing Literacy Awareness, $1,000
Waterdown DHS, Parent and Community Information Night, $1,000
Westdale Secondary, Walking the Halls: What Has Changed Since You Were in High School, $1,000
Westview, Parents Conference, $1,000
Westwood, Better Together Workshops, $1,000
Yorkview, Math Achievement With Parents and Students, $1,000

Updated on Monday, January 07, 2019.
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