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Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grants

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School councils across HWDSB are welcoming even more families to innovative engagement opportunities thanks to funding through the Ministry of Education’s Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grants.

Ontario’s PRO Grants are designed to support parents in identifying barriers to parent engagement in their own community and to find local solutions to involve more parents in support of student achievement and well-being.

In 2017-18, HWDSB received $66,938 in grants, funding 55 School Council and two Regional/Provincial projects.

Funded Regional Projects in 2017-18

Engaging Parents from Newcomer and Diverse Communities: $7,500

HWDSB will provide parent engagement sessions focused on newcomer and diverse communities to remove barriers that prevent them from participating in their children’s learning. The sessions will provide parents of English Language Learners (ELLs) with the knowledge and tools needed to support student learning at home and at school, specifically in the areas of mathematics and early literacy.

Engaging Parents in Equity, Engagement and Achievement of LGBTQ Youth – $5,000

HWDSB will hold workshops for parents of LGBTQ youth on strategies to support their children’s well-being and academic success. These workshops will include guest speakers from community agencies as well as parent/student panels to speak to parents about how best to support LGBTQ youth.

Parents of After-School Scholars: Engaging in Access to Postsecondary Education

In partnership with Mohawk College, this project will help to address identified needs with respect to parents’ expectations of their child’s success rates and participation in postsecondary education. This project will seek to build the capacity of the After-School Scholars coordinators to engage hard-to-reach populations of parents, and to build upon existing parent engagement strategies to also focus on increasing parents’ expectations of their child with respect to postsecondary attainment.

Funded School Council Projects in 2017-18

School Name Project Title Amount
A.M Cunningham Strategies in Discipline $1,000
Adelaide Hoodless Parents as Partners $1,000
Allan A. Greenleaf Supporting Science Learning $1,000
Ancaster Meadow Supporting Parents in Building Math Literacy $1,000
Ancaster Senior Social Media Education and Awareness, A Community Event $1,000
Balaclava Impact of Technology on Childhood Development $1,000
Bennetto Lunch and Learn – Managing Our Children’s Anxiety $1,000
Billy Green Tools for Life: Child Wellness Conference $880
C.H. Bray Improving Math Skills $975
Cecil B. Stirling Family Math Night $1,000
Cootes Paradise Education Pathways for Success $1,000
Dalewood Family Math Night – Linking Learning Between Home, School and Community $1,000
Dundana Fitness for Education $1,000
Dundas Central Fun Family Math Night $1,000
Dundas Valley secondary Einstein Meets Picasso: From STEM to STEAM $1,000
Earl Kitchener Tech Free Engagement Evening $1,000
Eastdale Recognizing Our Diversity $800
École élémentaire Michaëlle Jean Parent Communication $1,000
Elizabeth Bagshaw Ready for School – Healthy Eating Workshops for Parents $1,000
Fessenden Social Networking Safety $904
Flamborough Centre Parent Information Night $1,000
Gatestone Indigenous Awareness Event $1,000
George L. Armstrong Improving Communication Between Home and School $1,000
Glen Brae Supporting Student Mental Health $1,000
Glen Echo Engaging Parents in Education $1,000
Gordon Price Mental Health Resources for Parents $1,000
Green Acres Celebrating Diversity – We All Belong $1,000
Guy B Brown Resilience, Confidence, and Mental Health: Partnering with Parents $1,000
Helen Detwiler Family Math and Numeracy Night $1,000
Hess Street Math Nights for Families $1,000
Hillcrest School and Community Wellness $1,000
Holbrook Self-Regulation Workshop $1,000
James MacDonald Parent Communication $1,000
Lawfield Literacy Night $1,000
Lincoln Alexander Engaging ESL Parents $1,000
Lisgar Social Media Safety $1,000
Mary Hopkins Mental Health and Well-Being Workshops $920
Millgrove Raising Good Decision-Makers $1,000
Mount Albion Healthy Family Lifestyle $1,000
Mount Hope Internet Safety $1,000
Prince of Wales Raising Awesome Kids – Parent Seminar $1,000
Queen’s Rangers Interactive Family Math Night $959
Queensdale Math is Fun! – A Family Math Night $1,000
R A Riddell Bullying Awareness Presentation for Parents $1,000
Richard Beasley A Character Building Presentation $1,000
Rosedale Health and Wellness $1,000
Ryerson Growing Up in the Digital World $1,000
Sir William Osler Evidence-Based Learning and Study Strategies $1,000
Spencer Valley Community Building for Student Success $1,000
Strathcona Family Fitness Nights $1,000
Tapleytown Mindfulness for Learning $1,000
Waterdown District High Parent and Community Information Night $1,000
Westdale secondary Fostering a Supportive Home and Educational Environment $1,000
Westview Parent Engagement Through Literacy and Numeracy $1,000
Westwood Bridging the Gap Between Home and School $1,000
Updated on Thursday, October 26, 2017.
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