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Serious Concerns Raised by Former Student Trustee – update

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Serious Concerns Raised by Former Student Trustee – update

Manny Figueiredo, Director of Education and Secretary of the Board, shares the following statement with the community:

Two former student trustees joined HWDSB Kids Need Help today to share deeply disturbing concerns about racism and oppression. What they described should never be the experiences of any student trustee, student, staff or community member at HWDSB.

HWDSB has taken urgent action to begin a formal, third-party Trustee Code of Conduct investigation. Steps taken include contacting the Ministry of Education and the Ontario Anti-racism Directorate.

To ensure independence, we will ask the Ministry of Education and anti-racism directorate to recommend a third-party investigator. The investigation will begin as soon as possible.

The Code of Conduct investigation is a transparent process in which the alleged breaches and sanctions will be openly reviewed at a Board meeting.

We have been challenged as an institution and as individuals to confront racism with action. That remains our commitment.

Updated on Tuesday, August 04, 2020.
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