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Medical Grade Masks and Rapid Antigen Test Update

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Medical Grade Masks and Rapid Antigen Test Update

Student Access to Medical Grade Masks 

We know the importance of wearing a well-fitting mask to protect against transmission of COVID-19 as one protective strategy that includes rigorous screening, distancing, cohorting, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette.  

In addition to the 3-ply cloth masks previously made available in schools, medical grade disposable masks (ASTM levels 1 or 2) will be made available to students upon request. Only one medical grade mask per day will be provided to students who request them. 

Please note that the ministry provided non-fitted N95 masks are not available to students.  

Rapid Antigen Test Distribution 

The Ministry of Education will be distributing new shipments of Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) to HWDSB. 

RAT kits will be distributed upon request to in-person students and staff who were previously absent from school/work and have used their initial batch of tests due to COVID-related symptoms. Casual or occasional employees, childcare staff, and bus operators will also receive tests if requested.  

Please note that RAT kits are to be taken home and used at home ONLY when individuals are symptomatic. If students are symptomatic at home, they are encouraged to stay at home and isolate and should not go to school to pick up a testing kit. 

Learn more about Testing for COVID-19 here. 

Updated on Tuesday, February 08, 2022.
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