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Letter for Families – Accommodation of Bellmoore Students at Michaelle Jean

Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dear Bellmoore and Michaëlle Jean Families,

We shared information with you in September that there would be plans to engage families in the discussion related to overcrowding at Bellmoore Elementary School.

Since that time, staff in Facilities Management at Hamilton – Wentworth District School Board were able to explore additional options to minimize the disruption to families.

We’re pleased to inform you that a port – a – pac addition will be placed on the Bellmoore site for September 2018 startup to accommodate the enrolment pressures at the school. As we plan for this accommodation, consideration is being given to parking, school facilities such as an increase in gym and library times, overall school utilization, and the addition of extra washrooms.

Please read Letter to Bellmoore and Michaelle Jean Families for more information and to learn about a future meeting to discuss this change further.