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HWDSB Students and Staff Celebrated at Yes I Can Awards

Posted on Monday, May 15, 2017
Staff at Yes I Can Awards

L-R: Anna Difazio, Manager of Intensive Support Services, Mabel Colson-Brown, Recipient of CEC Teacher of the Year, Sandy Scott, Vice-President of CEC, and Marc Trotta, President of CEC.

More than 100 HWDSB students and staff were recognized May 11 as the Council For Exceptional Children (CEC) hosted its annual Yes I Can Awards Ceremony.

About 800 people attended the event at Michelangelo’s from HWDSB and HWCDSB to honour the amazing abilities of our students in the categories of academics, arts, athletics, community involvement, independent living, self-advocacy. and technology.

In all, 103 HWDSB students were recognized. The CEC also recognizes the educators and parents who support their children. HWDSB is proud to announce that staff honours went to:

Mabel Colson-Brown, Teacher of the Secondary Social Communication Programme at Glendale secondary, who won the President’s Award Teacher of the Year.

Bianca Petilia, Educational Assistant for the Secondary Social Communication Programme at Glendale, won the Professional Development award.

Congratulations to all winners.