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HWDSB Revitalization Plans on Target

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HWDSB Revitalization Plans on Target

Hamilton, ON – April 12, 2017: Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board’s (HWDSB) ambitious plan to renew its school facilities is on target.

School renewal is one of five new priorities Trustees adopted during HWDSB Reimagine – the new Strategic Directions. These informed an HWDSB Annual Plan, with more detailed goals, targets and strategies for each priority.

“We focus on this because our students, staff, and communities deserve the best learning environments and we must commit to staying the course to make this happen,” Director of Education Manny Figueiredo said.

The School Renewal Report at the Finance and Facilities Committee April 12, 2017 updated Trustees and the public on progress toward school renewal targets.

Target #1: Align the Long-Term Facilities Master Plan with the Elementary and Secondary Program Strategies based on determining facility benchmarks and available budget by June 2017.

Staff are on track to achieve this target, Figueiredo said. Staff want all schools to meet facility benchmarks so that school buildings meet a high standard and annual renewal occurs in an equitable way.

Over the next five years, $50 million will be invested in HWDSB secondary schools. Over the next eight years, $80 million will be invested in HWDSB elementary schools.

Target #2: At least 25 per cent fewer schools will be identified as being in poor condition by 2020.

Staff are on track to achieve this target as well, Figueiredo said.

Entering the school year, the Board had 21 schools listed in poor condition. By 2020, the Board has plans to reduce that number to fewer than 25 per cent of schools.

HWDSB has also developed a proposed schedule for accommodation reviews and made a commitment to maximize capital funding opportunities with the Ministry of Education and secure timely project approvals with the City of Hamilton.

“We are improving facilities through accommodation reviews, an equitable facilities renewal plan and by working with partners to ensure we secure funding to complete our projects,” Figueiredo said.

About HWDSB:
Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board has a vision in which Curiosity, Creativity and Possibility empower students to learn and grow to their full potential in a diverse world. Learn more at www.hwdsb.on.ca.

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Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.
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