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HWDSB Officially Welcomes the 2022-2026 Board of Trustees

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HWDSB Officially Welcomes the 2022-2026 Board of Trustees

Hamilton, Ontario – November 21, 2022: At its Inaugural Meeting, the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) welcomed four newly elected and seven returning Trustees. HWDSB also extended congratulations to Dawn Danko, Trustee for Ward 7, who was elected Chair of the Board, and Maria Felix Miller, Trustee for Ward 3, who was elected Vice-Chair.  

“I want to thank my fellow Trustees for electing me Chair of the Board,” said Dawn Danko. “It is an honour to serve in this role as we prepare to represent our communities over the next four years. The Board of Trustees is committed to working with all distinct voices in our communities to make HWDSB the best place to learn and grow.”  

The 2022-2026 HWDSB Board of Trustees include:  

  • Trustee, Ward 1 Elizabeth Wong 
  • Trustee, Ward 2 Sabreina Dahab 
  • Trustee, Ward 3 Maria Felix Miller 
  • Trustee, Ward 4 Ray Mulholland 
  • Trustee, Ward 5 & 10 Todd White 
  • Trustee, Ward 6 & 9 Kathy Archer 
  • Trustee, Ward 7 Dawn Danko 
  • Trustee, Ward 8 & 14 Becky Buck 
  • Trustee, Ward 11 & 12 Amanda Fehrman 
  • Trustee, Ward 13 Paul Tut 
  • Trustee, Ward 15 Graeme Noble 

“Trustees are the link between communities and the school board. I look forward to their leadership and advocacy as we prepare for new Strategic Directions that will guide the duration of their terms,” said Sheryl Robinson Petrazzini, Director of Education. “As someone who is still fairly new to HWDSB myself, I am excited to continue working alongside returning Trustees while also learning and growing with newly-elected members of the Board.” 

School trustees are officials, elected to serve parents, students, taxpayers and the school system. They ensure Hamilton public schools meet the diverse needs of students in their communities. The Board also has two student trustees.  



Shawn McKillop, APR

Manager of Communications and Community Engagement

Updated on Monday, December 19, 2022.
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