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Human Rights Accountability and Complaint Resolution Procedures Now Available

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Human Rights Accountability and Complaint Resolution Procedures Now Available

In October 2022, HWDSB’s Human Rights Policy was approved. To support operationalizing this policy, HWDSB has developed two procedures, the Human Rights Accountability Procedure and the Human Rights Complaint Procedure 

  • Human Rights Accountability Procedure:
    The accountability procedure strengthens the Human Rights Policy by providing key proactive human rights strategies. HWDSB will start or continue implementing these strategies to prevent and remove human rights barriers. It also includes an accountability framework that defines roles and responsibilities of employees, students and leadership in protecting human rights at HWDSB. 
  • Human Rights Complaint Resolution Procedure:
    The complaints procedure details the process involved in reporting, resolving, and investigating human rights complaints and concerns. It details the types of resolution processes available and outlines the roles and duties of supervisors or managers in resolving, responding and investigating complaints or concerns.  

Thank you to the students, parents, advisory committee members and union leaders who contributed to the development of these procedures by providing their feedback and input.  

Learn more about the Human Rights at HWDSB:  

Updated on Friday, January 19, 2024.
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