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Fridays For Future

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Fridays For Future

Alex Johnstone, Chair of the Board, provides the following information related to Fridays for Future to HWDSB students and families:

“Fridays for Future is a movement that was inspired by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg. This movement calls upon young people from around the world to join and show their support by participating in climate change events. Events are taking place across the world, including Hamilton.

We’re committed to promoting and supporting environmental education, environmental action and care of the environment. Many of our schools are certified Ontario EcoSchools, for example, and offer environment clubs for interested students. Our Environment Policy encourages students to be environmental stewards.

With a focus on Global Competencies, our students use critical thinking and problem solving skills to innovate, create and offer solutions to complex economic, social and environmental problems. It’s important that they be part of conversations related to climate change.

While we support students engaging in peaceful and respectful activities to voice their concerns on social justice matters, such as climate change, we also have an expectation that students attend class as scheduled.

We encourage parents/guardians to be engaged in this decision with their child at home. Parents/guardians approving their child’s involvement can provide notice to the school in a manner consistent with the school’s attendance procedures. Sign-out with parent/guardian permission is needed for students under 18 years of age.”

Updated on Tuesday, September 24, 2019.
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