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Enrolment increase contributes to classroom reorganization

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Enrolment increase contributes to classroom reorganization

Each fall, HWDSB reviews elementary student enrolment in schools, and reorganizes staffing if actual enrolment differs from spring projections. Student enrolment changes are expected each year.

Recent increases in student enrolment are an opportunity to celebrate and will also contribute to wider class reorganization.

Actual elementary enrolment has increased by 929 students over projections. In response, HWDSB will open 38 additional classrooms: 13 Full-Day Kindergarten classes, 12 primary classes and 13 junior/intermediate classes.

At the same time, about 300 students will transition between remote and in-person learning.

HWDSB’s overall class size averages remain lower than requirements set by the Ministry of Education. Thanks to enrolment growth, HWDSB’s Human Resource Services staff can hire additional permanent elementary Teachers and Designated Early Childhood Educators.

Reorganization support

Classroom reorganization is an annual process in which new classrooms are created or combined. In some cases, this may mean that students join a new class where a new educator will welcome them.

“Our priority is to support students who move classes, to ensure that they have a successful transition,” said Jamie Nunn, Superintendent of Human Resource Services. “Principals are equipped with supports to aid in this process.”

A team of dedicated educators will work with students and families to support transitions. Every classroom experience will offer students an excellent path to educational success.

This week, parents, guardians and caregivers will receive a communication from their child/ren’s principal if they are directly impacted by a reorganization change. Please direct questions to your school principal.

Additional information

·         All students who are moving classes because of reorganization – or who have requested to move to/from elementary remote learning – will do so on Friday, October 7, 2022.

·         Enrolment information will be presented to the Finance & Facilities Committee on October 20, 2022, with staff reorganization details shared at HWDSB’s Human Resources Committee in November.

Updated on Monday, October 03, 2022.
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