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What is De-Streaming? Parent Information Session

Wednesday, September 22 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE SESSIONWhat is de-streaming?” Please join us for an evening to discover and ask questions about de-streaming. In Ontario, de-streaming begins with grade 9 math in September 2021. De-streaming is an approach to learning that intends to “better support students in having every opportunity to pursue the pathway of their choice after their K-12 education” (Ontario Ministry of Education). As parents and caregivers, you are partners in this learning and are invited to attend a TEAMS Live event on September 22 at 6 p.m.  This session will explain what de-streaming is, detail what’s new and what has changed in the current curriculum, show how a de-streamed math course provides entry points for all students, and explore how teaching and learning is approached in a de-streamed classroom so that all students reach their full potential. De-streaming is about providing opportunities for all students.  Why should you attend? Ontario is the only Canadian province that separates students into academic and non-academic streams as early as grade 9.  Streaming at this early stage has disadvantaged students.  In the HWDSB, we are focused on closing achievement gaps for students who are currently and historically underserved-those who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, Racialized, Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+, and students requiring special education supports/services.  De-streaming is key strategy in this work and closing achievement gaps. Join the session at https://hwdsb.info/destreaming. A recording will be provided for those who can not attend the session. Additional Links and Resources


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