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Camp Power Unites Fun and Learning

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Camp Power Unites Fun and Learning


Buddies James and Connor show the robot built at Camp Power.

Circle dancing, robot coding and stacks of new books have been just part of the fun for the 210 students at Camp Power this month.

HWDSB is offering the summer program focused on reading, math and fitness to students entering grades 2 or 3, thanks to Ministry of Education funding extended to all Ontario school boards.

The HWDSB-led camp, which is incorporating inquiry-based learning and technology, welcomes volunteers from the Hamilton Boys and Girls Club, as well as expert visitors from Hamilton Public Library and the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.

For Connor, 7, the best about camp was getting his hands on the WeDo Lego robot. Using the parts, he built a drag racer as well as the code to operate it, using a companion app on the iPad. Teacher Anja Kitchen said Connor’s “eyes lit up” as soon as he saw the kit.

“It’s fun to play with stuff that I don’t have,” Connor said. His buddy James loved building a Lego city on a nearby table, as well as writing a book about dogs using the Book Creator program.

In some rooms, educators led story time. In others, like the gym, there were activities with strong links to Indigenous culture like a circle dance. Students have read many books including Jingle Dancer and understand traditions like smudging, explained teacher Aviva Dunsiger.

The camp also includes a childcare component, and welcomes parents for learning sessions that range from speech pathology to yoga. On the final day, students return home with a new backpack stuffed with the eight books they read at Camp Power, just in time for a great start to the new school year.

Learn more about Camp Power on Twitter @HWDSBCampPower

Updated on Friday, August 18, 2017.
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