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Executive Compensation

Last updated on Thursday, December 21, 2017.

Dear Families,

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) is required to conduct a 30-day public consultation on its proposed Executive Compensation Program.

The proposed program sets out a rational compensation for executive positions across all school boards and members of the Broader Public Sector. In the education sector, salaries for Executives have been frozen since 2010 for Directors of Education and since 2012 for all other Executives. This proposal is reflective of a three-year term.

The Director of Education, Associate Director, and Executive base salary ranges in HWDSB are designated a Level 5 school board. The Director of Education is the CEO and Secretary of the Board. The Associate Director oversees Superintendents of Education and Senior Managers. Executives are Supervisory Officer/Superintendent of Education who supervise service departments, programs and schools. Learn more about our Senior Team.

Current Salaries

(from 2012)

Level 5 Board




Director of Education $228 000 $224 000 – $277 000 $241 000
Associate Directors $186 637 $213 000 – $224 000 $192 000

$203 000

$213 000

Executives $147 300

$154 792

$162 293

$140 000 – $194 000 $154 420

$163 400

$174 970

$185 000

This proposed Executive Compensation Program balances the need to manage compensation costs and the need to attract and retain the executive talent.

If you have feedback on the Program please email execcomp@hwdsb.on.ca to the attention of Heather Miller. We will be accepting public input until January 29, 2018.

Review the complete Proposed Executive Compensation Program.

All feedback is appreciated and will be kept on record, shared with our Board of Trustees and submitted to the Ministry of Education with our final submission Following consultation and review of the input, the final Executive Compensation Program will be posted.

Thank you,

Todd White

Chair of the Board