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Secondary Learning Model 2021-22

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Quadmester Learning Model

The Quadmester is a change from the regular four-course model offered at HWDSB.

It divides the school year into four quarters or sections, with each quarter or section offering two face-to-face classes. This allows for more in-person learning with two classes at 150 minutes of instructional time for a total of 300 minutes of in-person learning every day. This means students will take 2 courses at a time, rather than 4 courses. This model will apply to both, face-to-face classes and e-learning classes.

HWDSB will follow Public Health protocols and recommendations as well as Ministry direction to keep students safe in our schools.

The Quadmester model will be offered in Semester 1 only. From Semester 2 all HWDSB secondary schools will be following the regular four-course model unless otherwise directed by the Ministry of Education and Hamilton Public Health Services. 

Secondary 2021-22 Calendar Quadmesters

Previous Updates: 

Sample Timetable 

Secondary Remote Learning (eLearning)

HWDSB is offering secondary remote learning in 2021-22 as an option for parents and student aged 18 years or older concerned about the on-going COVID-19 global pandemic.

Remote learning will continue to be offered through eLearning courses

HWDSB is making this decision based on the current Ministry of Education direction and funding. Funding announcements from the provincial government may require adjustments to the proposed program.

Last spring, parents/guardians and students 18 years and older are asked to declare in the Parent Portal if they will be choosing to learn remotely through eLearning in September. This form closed on June 1. 

To learn more about eLearning in 2021-22, watch a recording of our information session for families that was held on September 7, 2021.

While we encourage all students to plan to attend school in person, this communication is to inform parents/guardians and students aged 18 years or older to opt into eLearning if your child or you will not attend in person in September 2021.

If you choose to not attend school in-person or make this decision for your child, HWDSB’s secondary remote learning option will be eLearning. In-person classes will not be available remotely as they are this year.

Last spring, parents/guardians and students 18 years and older were asked to declare in the Parent Portal if they will be choosing to learn remotely through eLearning in September. This form is closed on June 1.

By default, students are considered in-person learners unless this choice was selected. Original option sheet selections will remain – there is no need to choose courses again. The selection for the eLearning option will be for the first two quarters of the year. There will not be opportunities to transition back to in-person until February 2022.

Parent Portal Support

Please use the Parent Portal to register your choice. If you are unable to access the Parent Portal please:

  • Call your school or email using the Elementary School Emails or Secondary School Emails listing if you are unable to access the Parent Portal.  
  • School office staff will input your choice into HWDSB’s student information system if you have trouble accessing the Parent Portal.

Parent Portal Instructions 

When parents, guardians and caregivers enter the Parent Portal, they should see a login. Once logged in, select ‘Forms’ on the left.

Look for the ‘Secondary eLearning Parent Portal Survey’ in the ‘Registration’ section. This is where parents, guardians and caregivers can make their eLearning selection.

Next Steps

Students received registration information for 2021-22 at the end of June. Parents/guardians and students 18 years and older remain registered at their home school. Students can use personal/family or school-assigned devices to access the virtual learning platforms (MS Teams and The HUB) for their eLearning classes.

HWDSB eLearning in 2021-22

In deciding whether eLearning learning is the best option for you/your child, please review the following program information:

  • There will be a limited selection of eLearning courses based on student demand and no guarantee that all courses are available via eLearning;
  • Most eLearning courses will not have live instruction, but there may be a small number of courses that do have live instruction;
  • eLearning courses follow the Ontario Curriculum and students will receive the same report cards as in-person school;
  • The eLearning classroom will use the HUB as the primary platform to deliver instruction;
  • Students choosing eLearning will be choosing this for the first two quarters (September to January).
  • Student option sheet choices will be considered for eLearning courses. New options will not be selected.

Learn more about eLearning.

Secondary eLearning Frequently Asked Questions

What is eLearning?

An eLearning class is fully on-line via “The HUB”, a virtual learning environment (VLE). The teacher posts learning (readings, videos, recorded lessons, etc.) and learning activities for students. Students submit assignments on-line. The learning and assignments are completed at an available time during the student’s schedule.

Why is eLearning being used as a remote learning option?

HWDSB has a robust eLearning program that featured more than 120 classes in 2020-21. Historically, HWDSB students have had success with eLearning.

For 2021-22, the HWDSB enrollment for eLearning is over 3000 students and there is space for additional students.

Students wishing to learn remotely will be scheduled into eLearning classes and additional classes will be added if needed.

What courses are available via eLearning?

Please visit our eLearning site for a listing of courses for 2021-22.

Is there live instruction in eLearning?

Typically, eLearning has limited “live” or direct instruction because the teacher’s schedule and the students’ schedules are not matched.

However, we are exploring how we can add a larger “live” component to existing and any additional eLearning classes we add for students.

How do students get support in eLearning?

Students can connect with their teachers in several ways (e.g. email, the class chat, and video conferencing) Also, school supports are still in place to support students, such as Learning Resource teachers, Student Success, Student Services (Guidance) and Administration.

What if a student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP)? Is it followed in eLearning?

Yes, the IEPs of a student in eLearning needs to be followed.

If a student already has one eLearning course, do they need to drop it to learn in-person?

No, they can keep their eLearning course and attend in-person classes.

What happens to a student’s course selections if they select eLearning?

Their guidance teacher will work to switch all courses to eLearning and contact the student (and parents/guardians if they’re younger than 18) about any changes in the course selections.

What happens if a course is not available via eLearning?

Some courses, such as Technological Studies, The Arts, and Health and Physical Education, do not lend themselves to eLearning. They may not be offered via eLearning. Alternative subjects and classes will be offered to the students. Not all classes will be available via eLearning.

Have students ever taken all eLearning courses?

Yes, 2018-19 was the first year with a small number students with all eLearning timetables. In 2020-21, approximately 150 students had all eLearning in their schedule in either semester one or two.

HWDSB hosted a virtual information session to discuss both the elementary and secondary remote learning options for the 2021-22 school year. The event featured presentations specific to each model (elementary and secondary) that give families an overview of what to expect if they choose a remote option. There was also an opportunity for attendees to ask questions through the chat function.

This virtual information session took place on Thursday, May 27, 2021 from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. via MS Teams Live. The event has been recorded and posted to the HWDSB website for those who could not make it.

We have asked families and students to commit to a remote learning option through the Parent Portal by June 1, 2021. By default, students will be considered in-person learners unless this choice is selected.

Find a recording of the virtual information session below or view it on HWDSB.tv here.

Updated on Monday, January 17, 2022.
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