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Response to Jewish Synagogue Shooting in San Diego

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Response to Jewish Synagogue Shooting in San Diego

The following is a statement from Manny Figueiredo, Director of Education in response to the tragic event that took place in a Jewish Synagogue in San Diego on April 27th, the last day of Passover:

“HWDSB stands in solidarity with members of our Jewish community as we condemn the anti-Semitic hate crime that took place in San Diego, California.

Sadly, we are reminded that hate and anti-Semitism still exist in our world today and as an education system we must continue to build environments that are safe and inclusive. This tragic act of hate took place on a very significant day for members of the Jewish community, the final day of Passover, April 27.

In March, 2018, the Federal government declared May as Canadian Jewish Heritage Month. The evening of May 1 to the evening of May 2 is a time for all to remember the lives of Jewish people who died in the Holocaust. This day of significance for our Jewish community is called Yom HaShoah also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day. Together we must learn from the past for a better tomorrow.

Flags will be lowered for three days to show our respect for the victim and wounded of this attack. Supports for students as well as information related to Jewish Days of Significance will be shared to schools this week and throughout the month of May. Resources will also be shared that promote inclusivity, countering acts of hostility, prejudice or discrimination against Jews.”

Tips on how to support students after tragic events are available for parents to reference.

Updated on Sunday, April 28, 2019.
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