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Platforms, Stories, Citizenship and Feedback: HWDSB Communications Embraces Digital Engagement

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Platforms, Stories, Citizenship and Feedback: HWDSB Communications Embraces Digital Engagement

Parent Portal flyer

HWDSB’s Parent Portal is one example of a digital platform that will be a priority in the digital engagement strategy.

Are you engaging with HWDSB through its online platforms?

That is the key question as HWDSB communications staff focus on digital engagement so that HWDSB can deliver on its strategic priority Effective Communications.

“Digital engagement is about understanding our audiences through the various platforms, keeping them engaged and telling our stories,” Shawn McKillop, Manager of Communications and Community Engagement, told Trustees at a recent Board meeting.

On October 15, 2018, Trustees received the Effective Communications staff report, the overall goal of which in 2018-19 is to improve internal and external communications.

Charting a clear course for current and future communications needs, as well as being responsive to the direction of the Board, will ensure that HWDSB leadership is communicating the right message to the right constituency using the right communication tactics. A comprehensive plan provides transparency and accountability for plan implementation.

Five priorities have emerged to help create a culture of communications and engagement at HWDSB. The priorities include Leadership, Staff Ambassadors, Student Outreach, Digital Engagement, and Partnerships.

graph of website traffic

Snow cancellations are one reason for short-term jumps in HWDSB website traffic.

The renewed focus on digital engagement comes as students and families increasingly interact with HWDSB online. Analytics in the October 15 Board report note that 538,687 people use the HWDSB each year and that leading staff Twitter accounts like @ArtsHWDSB share up to 842 tweets each year.

In the year ahead, a group of staff and stakeholders will develop a detailed digital engagement strategy. Broadly, it will include the following highlights:

  1. Increase adoption rates on identified digital platforms to maximize the experience that allows for our audiences to connect with HWDSB.
  2. Create a structure for story-telling to share the positive experiences of our students, staff and families within our community.
  3. Enhance digital citizenship resources to enhance learning related to online respect, safety, and privacy.
  4. Design a mechanism to collect and measure feedback through our digital platforms.

For more information, please contact: Shawn McKillop, APR, Manager of Communications and Community Engagement at 905-515-6227 or smckillo@hwdsb.on.ca.

Updated on Tuesday, October 23, 2018.
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