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Letter to Families on End of Year Remote Learning

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Letter to Families on End of Year Remote Learning

June 15, 2021 

Dear families,  

As you may be aware, the Board of Trustees shared a letter on June 8 with the Ministry of Education to request permission that would allow our elementary students and staff to complete the last week of the school year (5‐7 days, June 21 to 29) in person.  

The request was made with the support of Hamilton Public Health Services and following all our established health and safety COVID‐19 protocols that have successfully minimized the risk of spread this year.  

The Ministry of Education reviewed the request and informed the Director of Education that all school boards will remain in the remote learning model for the remainder of this school year. Students will complete the school year in remote learning, and we will continue to focus on their well-being.  

Mental Well-being Supports  

In the final weeks of school, we will do everything we can to make your child’s experience supportive to their well-being. Parents and caregivers should reach out to their schools if their children are struggling and can also access support through our We Help resources. Mental health supports are available throughout the summer months as well.  


Staff are looking forward to celebrating Grade 8 and Grade 12 milestones. Collaborative planning has taken place with Hamilton Public Health Services to outline the safety expectations and graduation parameters for walk and/or drive-through celebrations for all elementary and secondary schools.  

  • Students and their household units will be scheduled by appointment.  
  • Elementary Remote Learning Program students will be included in these celebrations.  
  • Staff volunteers will support safety measures and management.  
  • Staff, students and household units are required to complete screening, wear masks, and maintain a distance of at least 2 metres.  

Students will work through stations that will be separated by a 4-metre physical distance from other stations. For example, they will pick up their certificate at one station and move to a photo station. There will be a station to pick up their graduation sign and a potential station for school spirit items or awards. All stations will be contactless.  

Year-End Celebrations 

All other grades will be focusing on a virtual year-end celebration. This has been a challenging year for everyone, and even though we wish that it never happened, it will be a year remembered for generations. We wish all our students and staff well as we close this year and look forward to a post-pandemic future.  

Elementary Asynchronous Learning Days, June 28 and 29 

June 25 is the last day for students in remote learning. Students will engage in asynchronous learning on June 28 and 29. During this time, classroom teachers will provide information packages for their child/ren for asynchronous activities on the last day of remote learning, June 25.  

These two days will also serve as an opportunity for families to drop off their devices and pick up their personal items at their home school.  

In-Person Learners supported by Specialized Services  

Eligible students who require intensive support due to complex and severe medical or behavioural needs have been supported in school. Families will be notified by the end of this week with the date of the last day of in-person learning.  

Device Drop-off and Personal item Pick-up  

  • Elementary Schools: School staff will be at the school on June 28 and 29 doing year-end activities. School staff will message a date and time when families can pick up their remaining personal items and return school or board resources or devices. 
  • Secondary Schools: School staff in secondary schools will begin collection of devices and resources once students are finished with materials. Communication will be shared at each secondary school with students. Only graduating students and students not returning to HWDSB are required to return devices. 

Keep safe and stay well,  

Dawn Danko, Chair of the Board

Manny Figueiredo   Director of Education  

Updated on Wednesday, June 16, 2021.
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